Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kelly Bruno and Yve Rojas Both Voted Off "Survivor: Nicaragua" in Double Elimination

On tonight's "Survivor: Nicaragua" 26 year old medical student Kelly Bruno and 41 year old homemaker Yve Rojas became the sixth and seventh castaways voted off the show. The episode began with the tribes meeting up for the combined Reward/ Immunity Challenge, where Jeff surprised them with the news that both tribes were going to tribal council and two castaways would be voted out. Tribe mates would compete against each other for individual immunity, with the two winners from each tribe battling it out for reward. The first part of the challenge consisted of digging in the dirt with paddles searching for rope rings and then flipping them into a bag on your back. Holly emerged the winner on Espada, while Jill took the win on La Flor. Holly and Jill then faced off in a ring toss challenge for reward, with Jill ultimately winning a feast for La Flor. At Espada's tribal council the vote was split between Marty and Kelly B in the hopes Marty would use his hidden immunity idol. He didn't, forcing a tiebreaker vote where Marty and Kelly B couldn't vote. Everyone but Jane decided to vote out Kelly B, keeping Marty and his idol in the game. Espada was then given their feast and watched La Flor's tribal council, where Yve was unanimously voted out.

Major spoilers have been leaked about this season, including a possible Final 3. For all the info read my secret post here!