Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"The Amazing Race 18: Unfinished Business" Filming, All Eleven Returning Teams Identified

"The Amazing Race 18: Unfinished Business" just started filming and team sightings have revealed that the next season will be another All-Stars. Eleven teams were spotted Saturday leaving Los Angeles and flying to their first destination: Sydney, Australia. All the couples are previous contestants from seasons 12-17. This season's twist, the Express Pass is also back. Here's the eleven all-star teams returning to race again...

"Dating Goths" Kynt & Vyxsin (Season 12)

"Father/Daughter" Ron & Christina (Season 12)

"Dating Couple" Amanda & Kris (Season 14)

"Former NFL Cheerleaders" Jaime & Cara (Season 14)

"Sisters" Kisha & Jen (Season 14)

"Mother/Son" Margie & Luke (Season 14)

"Father/Son" Mel & Mike (Season 14)

"Harlem Globetrotters" Flight Time & Big Easy (Season 15)

"Friends" Zev & Justin (Season 15)

"Brothers/Cowboys" Jet & Cord (Season 16)

"Father/Daughter" Gary & Mallory (Season 17)

What do you think of these All-Stars? Who didn't make the cut and should have? Leave a comment & share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Chad & Stephanie, and KevJumba shouldve been there, as well as Jeff & Jordan!!

Why Gary & Mallory really??

Nate & Jenn should have been there also..!!

well Im rooting for Amanda & Kris and Justin & Zev.. at least I am thrilled to see Amanda & Kris! they are strong teams and definetely should have moved on in their season if it wasnt for the blind u-turn!

Anonymous said...

Definately should have Jeff/Jordan on there!

Anonymous said...

Happy to see Mel & Mike, Kisha & Jen. Couldn't stand the cheerleaders the first time, really don't want to see them again. Would have preferred Michael & Kevin to Gary & Mallory.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just call this Season 14 pt 2?

Where are Dallas and Toni?!!! PISSED. But I'm glad Zev and Justin are getting a second chance.

As much as I love Jeff and Jordan, they were too much of a distraction from the show their season, they were all I focused on and when they went home I was done. I'm kind of glad they're not back. :( BBAS 2 instead!

Frank Strovel III said...

@Annonymous: Chad and Stephanie couldn't do the All-Star race even if they had been asked. She is pregnant with their first child.

Arik Wolk said...

boo why are justin and zev there? Also I hated Mallory and Gary why are they there too? But a yea for Jet and Cord they're going to win. Also Zev and Justin are wearing Graylock shirts Go Lenox!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Preview made it seem like Brook and Clair were a team. Why not? Glad Mallory is back I loved her along with Flight Time and Big Easy.

Anonymous said...

The preview last night looked like it showed many more teams than listed here. Toni and Dallas were definitely in the promo as well Nick and Vicki, Chad and Stephanie, Connor and Jonathan, and Michael and Kevin.

Anonymous said...

I wish Sam and Dan were on the next amazing race

Anonymous said...

Go Jet and Cord!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy to have the cowboys and globethrotters back love them but wish kevjumba and mike are too.

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