Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Engaged Couple" Chad and Stephanie Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 17"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 17" engaged couple Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith became the seventh team eliminated from the race. The episode began with the five remaining teams flying from Muscat, Oman to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Brook & Claire, Nat & Kat and Chad & Stephanie booked flights that arrived in Bangladesh the next day at noon. However, Nick & Vicki and Jill & Thomas found earlier flights that arrived at 8:40am and 5:00am, respectively. When the teams landed they made their way to a market where they had to press sugarcane into juice and then drink a glass of it before they could start the Detour. The Detour task was a choice between transporting 30 canned lunches to a large boat in the harbor or carrying 100 unbroken bricks in a basket on your head to a local market. When the task was completed the teams faced the first ever Double U-Turn, where two teams could make two other teams backtrack and complete the other Detour task. Jill & Thomas u-turned Brook & Claire, while Nat & Kat u-turned Chad & Stephanie. The last task was a Roadblock, where one teammate had to correctly assemble a cycle rickshaw. Jill & Thomas were the first team to complete all the tasks and made it to the Pit Stop first, earning them $15,000. The two u-turned teams were obviously at the bottom of the pack, but Brook & Claire were able to dig deep and edged past Chad & Stephanie to avoid elimination. The same couldn't be said for the engaged couple who arrived last and were eliminated from the race.

Here's this week's Elimination Station...

An "Amazing Race 17" boot list has been leaked. To find out which teams make it to the Final 3 read my secret post here!

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