Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jane Bright Voted Off "Survivor: Nicaragua"

On tonight's "Survivor: Nicaragua" 56 year old dog trainer Jane Bright became the fifteenth castaway voted off the show. The episode began with the Reward Challenge, where the final six contestants were reunited with their loved ones. The challenge involved running into a pool and retrieving two bags of puzzle pieces with the loved one using the pieces to solve the puzzle. Chase and his mom won the challenge and were awarded with a trip on a sailboat along the Nicaraguan coast. Chase was allowed to pick two other castaways and their loved ones to go with him and he chose Sash and Holly. That upset Fabio, who Chase previously told he would pick. On the reward Chase, Holly and Sash reiterated that they would take each other to the final three. The next day the castaways competed in the Immunity Challenge, which consisted of blindly going through an obstacle course to a shield with symbols on it. The castaways had to feel the symbols and memorize their placement so they could replicate them on a blank shield. Fabio won the challenge, messing up Chase, Sash and Holly's plan to get rid of him. Back at camp, talk turned to getting rid of Jane since she had the best chance of winning if she made it to the final three. When Jane approached her alliance about this plan they initially hesitated but then finally admitted they were discussing the idea. Jane decided to go out with a bang and dumped a bucket of water on their campfire. At tribal council Chase and Sash played their hidden immunity idols since it was their last chance to do so. It didn't matter though, because Jane was unanimously voted out and became the seventh jury member.

Here's this week's Ponderosa...

A "Survivor: Nicaragua" boot list has leaked. To find out which three castaways make it to the finals read my secret post here!


heapsa said...

Do you know what it was that Sash did on the beach that Jane wouldn't/Couldn't talk about? If so can you tell us??

Anonymous said...

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