Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nat Strand & Kat Chang Win "Amazing Race 17"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 17" friends/doctors Nat Strand and Kat Chang made history by becoming the first all-female team to win "The Amazing Race". The episode began with the final three teams flying from Seoul, South Korea to the final destination city of Los Angeles. When they arrived they made their way to the Port of Long Beach where they had to tandem bungee jump off a pier. Once both teammates jumped they were taken via helicopter to the Rose Bowl where a Roadblock awaited. One team member had to decorate three sections of a float for the Tournament of Roses parade. When the task was completed the Rose Queen gave them their next clue, which was a riddle the teams had to solve to figure out their next destination. When the teams decoded the riddle they learned their next stop was Quixote Studios where their final challenge awaited. The duos had to correctly identify and order the eleven greeters they met at each Pit Stop. When they completed the task legendary game show host Bob Eubanks gave them their last clue, which instructed them to the Finish Line at Greystone Mansion. Nat and Kat where the first team to cross the Finish Line and won the $1 million prize. Brook and Claire arrived second, followed much later by Jill and Thomas. At the end of the episode they showed a teaser for next season's "Amazing Race" where eleven of your favorite teams will return to race again. To find out which teams will be back read my post here!

Here's the last Elimination Station...

What did you think of the finale? Did your favorite team win or lose? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


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