Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meet the "Big Brother 12" Houseguests

Today CBS unveiled the identities of the thirteen houseguests taking part in "Big Brother 12". Originally there was supposed to be fourteen contestants, but one person backed out at the last minute. One of the thirteen houseguests will be a saboteur, who will not be playing to win but instead will wreck havoc on the BB house. Below are all the new contestants along with their ages, occupation and current residence. Who stands out to you?

Andrew Gordon 39 Podiatrist Miami Beach FL

Annie Whittington 27 Bartender Tampa FL

Brendon Villegas 30 High School Swim Coach Riverside CA

Britney Haynes 22 Hotel Sales Manager Huntington AR

Enzo Palumbo 32 Insurance Adjuster Bayonne NJ

Hayden Moss 24 College Student Tempe AZ

Kathy Hillis 40 Deputy Sheriff-Sergeant Texarkana AR

Kristen Bitting 24 Boutique Manager Philadelphia PA

Lane Elenburg 24 Oil Rig Salesman Decatur TX

Matt Hoffman 32 Web Designer Elgin IL

Monet Stunson 24 Model Glen Carbon IL

Rachel Reilly 26 VIP Cocktail Waitress Las Vegas NV

Ragan Fox 34 College Professor West Hollywood CA

"Big Brother 12" Cast and House Revealed

Today CBS revealed the new cast and house for this summer's "Big Brother 12". The cast includes thirteen houseguests from all over the country, one of which will be a saboteur whose job will be to wreck havoc in the BB house. Speaking of the house, CBS has released video of Julie Chen giving a tour of the new digs. The house will have a Miami beach theme with lots of yellow and blue. Below are videos introducing the new cast and showing a glimpse of the new house. Are you getting excited yet?

Here's Julie introducing the houseguests...

And giving a tour of the house...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Big Brother 12" Twist Revealed

CBS has officially announced one of the twists that will be a part of this season's "Big Brother 12". For the first time ever one houseguest will not be playing to win. Instead, he or she will be a saboteur whose sole mission is to wreck havoc on the BB house. The other thirteen contestants will know there is a saboteur in their midst, but obviously won't know who. The longer the saboteur lasts in the house the more money they make. The identity of the fake houseguest won't be revealed to us until the first live show a week after the premiere. Tomorrow, all fourteen houseguests will be revealed as will the first pics of the new house. Check back then for all the info!

Here's the new commercial announcing the saboteur twist...

What do you think of this year's twist? Great idea or America's Player redux? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!