Thursday, December 23, 2010

Major "Bachelor" Spoilers Leaked: Boot List and Brad's Final Decision Revealed

The new fifteenth season of "The Bachelor" has been spoiled, as a boot list and winner have been leaked. Once again "Bachelor" spoiler extraordinaire Reality Steve has revealed everything that happens this season including who goes home each week and who Brad ultimately picks. Obviously this is a huge spoiler which could ruin the entire season for some of you. For that reason I have written a separate, secret post that contains the full boot list. If you want to know everything that happens on this season's "Bachelor" (including the woman Brad chooses) click here!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Midseason 2011 Reality TV Premiere Dates

A new year brings with it a new batch of some of your favorite reality TV shows. Here's your handy guide to this winter and spring's reality TV premieres. Bookmark this list and check back often for up to date info!

January 3rd "The Bachelor" Mondays 8pm ABC

January 4th "The Biggest Loser 11" Tuesdays 8pm NBC

January 5th "Live to Dance" Wednesdays 8pm CBS

January 19th "American Idol 10" Wednesdays & Thursdays 8pm FOX

January 21st "Kitchen Nightmares" Fridays 8pm FOX

February 16th "Survivor 22: Redemption Island" Wednesdays 8pm CBS

February 20th "The Amazing Race 18: Unfinished Business" Sundays 8pm CBS

February 23rd "America's Next Top Model 16" Wednesdays 8pm The CW

March 6th "Celebrity Apprentice 4" Sundays 9pm NBC

March 6th "America's Next Great Restaurant" Sundays 8pm NBC

March 21st "Dancing with the Stars 12" Mondays 8pm & Tuesdays 9pm ABC

April 6th "Top Chef: Masters 3" Wednesdays 10pm Bravo

April 26th "The Voice" Tuesdays 8pm NBC

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jud "Fabio" Birza Wins "Survivor: Nicaragua"

On tonight's "Survivor: Nicaragua" season finale 21 year old student Jud Birza aka "Fabio" became the youngest winner in "Survivor" history. The finale began with the first Immunity Challenge, which consisted of answering questions about Nicaragua and then completing a puzzle of this season's logo. Fabio made a come from behind victory, earning him immunity and a place in the final four. At tribal council Dan was unanimously voted out, making him the eighth jury member. The next day the final four competed in the last Immunity Challenge, which was balancing different sized coins on the handle of a sword. Once again Fabio took the win, guaranteeing himself a spot in the final and forcing the alliance of three to turn on themselves. At tribal council they did just that and voted out Holly, making her the final jury member. On Day 39 the final three made their way to the last tribal council, where the jury of nine grilled them before they made their decision. After the votes were cast, we joined Jeff live in Los Angeles for the final vote reading. By a vote of 5-4 Fabio beat Chase to become the sole Survivor. Unsurprisingly Sash didn't receive one vote. The results match perfectly with the boot list I posted 3 months ago.

What did you think of the finale? Did Fabio deserve to win or was Chase robbed? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jane Bright Voted Off "Survivor: Nicaragua"

On tonight's "Survivor: Nicaragua" 56 year old dog trainer Jane Bright became the fifteenth castaway voted off the show. The episode began with the Reward Challenge, where the final six contestants were reunited with their loved ones. The challenge involved running into a pool and retrieving two bags of puzzle pieces with the loved one using the pieces to solve the puzzle. Chase and his mom won the challenge and were awarded with a trip on a sailboat along the Nicaraguan coast. Chase was allowed to pick two other castaways and their loved ones to go with him and he chose Sash and Holly. That upset Fabio, who Chase previously told he would pick. On the reward Chase, Holly and Sash reiterated that they would take each other to the final three. The next day the castaways competed in the Immunity Challenge, which consisted of blindly going through an obstacle course to a shield with symbols on it. The castaways had to feel the symbols and memorize their placement so they could replicate them on a blank shield. Fabio won the challenge, messing up Chase, Sash and Holly's plan to get rid of him. Back at camp, talk turned to getting rid of Jane since she had the best chance of winning if she made it to the final three. When Jane approached her alliance about this plan they initially hesitated but then finally admitted they were discussing the idea. Jane decided to go out with a bang and dumped a bucket of water on their campfire. At tribal council Chase and Sash played their hidden immunity idols since it was their last chance to do so. It didn't matter though, because Jane was unanimously voted out and became the seventh jury member.

Here's this week's Ponderosa...

A "Survivor: Nicaragua" boot list has leaked. To find out which three castaways make it to the finals read my secret post here!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nat Strand & Kat Chang Win "Amazing Race 17"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 17" friends/doctors Nat Strand and Kat Chang made history by becoming the first all-female team to win "The Amazing Race". The episode began with the final three teams flying from Seoul, South Korea to the final destination city of Los Angeles. When they arrived they made their way to the Port of Long Beach where they had to tandem bungee jump off a pier. Once both teammates jumped they were taken via helicopter to the Rose Bowl where a Roadblock awaited. One team member had to decorate three sections of a float for the Tournament of Roses parade. When the task was completed the Rose Queen gave them their next clue, which was a riddle the teams had to solve to figure out their next destination. When the teams decoded the riddle they learned their next stop was Quixote Studios where their final challenge awaited. The duos had to correctly identify and order the eleven greeters they met at each Pit Stop. When they completed the task legendary game show host Bob Eubanks gave them their last clue, which instructed them to the Finish Line at Greystone Mansion. Nat and Kat where the first team to cross the Finish Line and won the $1 million prize. Brook and Claire arrived second, followed much later by Jill and Thomas. At the end of the episode they showed a teaser for next season's "Amazing Race" where eleven of your favorite teams will return to race again. To find out which teams will be back read my post here!

Here's the last Elimination Station...

What did you think of the finale? Did your favorite team win or lose? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Benry Voted Off "Survivor: Nicaragua"

On tonight's "Survivor: Nicaragua" 24 year old club promoter Ben "Benry" Henry became the fourteenth castaway voted off the show. The episode began with the Reward Challenge, which was a combination of many previous challenges. After three rounds Chase emerged the winner and was awarded with an overnight trip to a private resort. He was allowed to pick two people to go with him and he chose Holly and Jane. At the reward Chase, Holly and Jane decided they would approach Sash about joining their alliance and getting rid of the other alliance of Fabio, Benry and Dan. The next day the castaways competed in the Immunity Challenge, which consisted of unspooling a long rope, retrieving a bag of puzzle pieces and then assembling a puzzle. The challenge came down to Sash, Benry and Fabio with Sash ultimately pulling out a win. At tribal council Sash decided to join the Chase-Holly-Jane alliance and the four of them voted out Benry, making him the sixth member of the jury.

Here's this week's Ponderosa...

A "Survivor: Nicaragua" boot list has been leaked. To find out who gets voted out each week til the Final 3 read my post here!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Dating Couple" Nick DeCarlo & Vicki Casciola Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 17"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 17" dating couple Nick DeCarlo and Vicki Casciola became the eighth team eliminated from the race. The episode began with the teams flying from Hong Kong, China to Seoul, South Korea. Nick and Vicki's six hour penalty caused them to miss the first departing flight that contained the other three teams. They then had to wait nine more hours before another flight departed for Seoul. When the teams landed they made their way to Seung-il Bridge where they were instructed to whitewater raft down a river and then take a Humvee to a military base. At the base they found a Roadblock, which required one team member to search amongst 200 soldiers for one that was wearing a headband that matched the one they were given. When the task was completed the teams traveled to the Seoul World Cup Stadium where a Detour awaited them. The choice of tasks was between skating 25 laps around a rink or transporting six glass bottles of ginseng tonic to a store and then drinking a glass of the tonic. All the teams chose the skating task and completed it with little trouble. The teams were then instructed to find an airplane in a park before they made their way to the Pit Stop. Brook and Claire were the first team to get to the Pit Stop but were given a 30 minute penalty for taking a cab to the ice rink when they were explicitly told to take the subway. That allowed Jill and Thomas to check in first and they were awarded with a trip for two to Argentina. Nick and Vicki were never able to overcome their huge time gap and were unsurprisingly eliminated from the race.

Here's this week's Elimination Station...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NaOnka and Kelly S. Quit "Survivor: Nicaragua"

On tonight's "Survivor: Nicaragua" history was made when, for the first time ever, two castaways - NaOnka Mixon and Kelly "Purple" Shinn - quit the game with only ten days to go. The episode began with a big rainstorm that made NaOnka and Kelly Purple contemplate quitting the game. NaOnka was so positive she was leaving she even gave Chase her hidden immunity idol. The next day the tribe competed in the Reward Challenge, which consisted of dragging a huge 8 foot long stuffed dummy through an obstacle course. The team of Chase, Benry, NaOnka and Holly won the challenge with Dan winning too, as he correctly predicted that team would win. The prize was an advance screening of the upcoming "Gulliver's Travels" movie with hot dogs, nachos, popcorn and candy. Before the tribe left the challenge NaOnka and Kelly Purple informed Jeff that they wanted to quit the game. Jeff told them to think about their decision and give a definitive answer that night at tribal council. He also offered a tarp and a can of rice if one of the winning team members would forfeit the reward. After no one volunteered, including NaOnka, Holly stepped up and accepted the offer. The other winning tribemates then went off to enjoy their movie, while back at camp Holly tried to convince NaOnka and Kelly to stay. However, it was all in vain as the girls ended up quitting at tribal council, much to Jeff's dismay.

Here's this week's Ponderosa...

A "Survivor: Nicaragua" boot list has been leaked. To find out who gets voted out each week til the Final 3 read my post here!