Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Matt Elrod the Second Castaway Voted Off "Survivor 22: Redemption Island"

On tonight's "Survivor: Redemption Island" 22 year old pre-med student Matt Elrod became the second castaway voted out and was sent to Redemption Island. The episode began with Ometepe returning from tribal council and Phillip swearing his loyalty to Boston Rob. Over on Zapatera, Russell pulled Krista into his alliance with Stephanie and they went searching for the hidden immunity idol. However, they were beaten to it by Ralph who stumbled upon the idol while picking up rocks. The next day the tribes met up for the combined Reward/Immunity challenge, which consisted of jumping off a tower to smash a tile that released a key. After collecting five keys one castaway used them to unlock a box containing a ball. Finally, another castaway used the ball to break five tiles. Zapatera once again won the challenge, earning them fishing gear and immunity. After the challenge ended Matt went over and shook hands with the winning tribe, which didn't sit well with Boston Rob. When Zapatera was awarded their fishing gear Russell immediately spotted the clue to the hidden immunity idol and stuffed it in his pocket. Ralph saw him find it and confronted him about it, but Russell got his back up and denied having it. Over on Ometepe, Rob came up with a plan to get rid of Matt because he felt Matt was getting too close with Andrea. He told Phillip that he would give him a signal at tribal council of who to vote for. Sure enough, Rob's plan went off without a hitch and he even got Kristina to flush out her idol. With the votes for Kristina null and void, there were more than enough votes to get rid of Matt. He made his way to Redemption Island, where next week he'll duel Francesca for the right to stay in the game.

Major spoilers have already been leaked about this season. If you want to know them click on over to my secret post here!

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