Sunday, March 6, 2011

David Cassidy Fired on "Celebrity Apprentice 4"

On tonight's season premiere of "Celebrity Apprentice 4" former teen idol David Cassidy became the first star fired by Donald Trump. The season started with the sixteen celebs meeting Donald and being divided into men vs. women. The teams were then told to come up with a team name and pick a project manager. The guys named themselves Backbone and picked Richard Hatch as the first project manager. The women chose the name ASAP and nominated Star Jones as their PM. Donald then explained that their first task was to make and sell pizzas. The team that earned the most money, including donations would be the winner. During the task, David Cassidy clashed with Richard Hatch when Richard shoved him out of the way. On the women's team, Star got a $40,000 donation from one of her friends but missed out on a possible $35,000 when her team couldn't make it to a firehouse in time to accept the donation. However, the women didn't need the extra money as they easily crushed the men's team by earning $115,000 compared to the guy's $54,000. In the boardroom, most of the team blamed Richard for the loss, but Trump liked his fighting spirit and fired David instead.

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