Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sarita White the Seventh Castaway Voted Off "Survivor 22: Redemption Island"

On tonight's "Survivor: Redemption Island" Sarita White became the seventh castaway voted out and was sent to Redemption Island. The episode began with Phillip, Rob, Ralph and David traveling to Redemption Island to witness the duel between Matt and Stephanie. The challenge consisted of matching pairs of symbols together like the game concentration. Matt continued his duel dominance, beating Stephanie and sending her home for good. Back at Ometepe's camp, Phillip continued to annoy his tribemates which made them plan to get rid of him should they lose the next challenge. At Zapatera, the alliance of six started cracking as David and Sarita continued their feud. The next day, the tribes met up for the Reward/ Immunity challenge which was an obstacle course that ended with the tribes shooting balls into a basket. The challenge was very close, but in the end Ometepe pulled out a win. Besides immunity, the tribe was also awarded with a picnic lunch atop an active volcano. During the lunch, Rob found another clue to the hidden immunity idol but threw it into the volcano since he already has the idol. Over on Zapatera, the tribe debated whether to vote out Sarita or David. At tribal council the tribe decided to keep their best puzzle solver and instead voted out Sarita. Next week she'll duel Matt and the winner will get to re-enter the game. Also next week the tribes will finally merge!

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