Sunday, April 17, 2011

"Father/Daughter" Gary and Mallory Ervin Avoid Elimination on "Amazing Race 18"

On tonight's "Amazing Race: Unfinished Business" father/ daughter duo Gary and Mallory Ervin avoided elimination despite arriving last on this leg's Pit Stop. The episode began with the six remaining teams flying from Varanasi, India to Vienna, Austria. Jet and Cord again didn't book the flight that landed in Vienna earliest, but instead got one that arrived 25 minutes later. When the teams landed they went to a parking garage where they found a Ford Focus which had a video clue from Phil. The clue instructed the teams to put the car in reverse and use the rear view camera to find their next destination, Schloss Schallaburg. Once there, they were given a book that directed them to the Austrian National Library where they found this leg's Detour. The choice of tasks was between transporting a couch one mile from the Freud Museum to the University of Vienna or eating two servings of traditional Austrian food within a 12 minute revolution of a Ferris wheel. Many teams chose the food task but couldn't finish the meal within the time limit, allowing Jet and Cord to catch up. When the task was completed, teams drove to Salzburg where a Roadblock awaited them. One team member had to clean three chimneys using a weight tied to a rope. Zev and Justin were the first team to complete all the tasks and made it to the Pit Stop first, earning them both a new 2012 Ford Focus. Gary and Mallory arrived last, but were only given a Speed Bump since it was a non-elimination.