Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gary Busey Fired on "Celebrity Apprentice"

On tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice 4" Donald Trump finally fired actor/walking disaster Gary Busey. The episode began with the teams learning that their next task was to produce a live 20 minute cooking demonstration promoting Omaha Steaks. Gary Busey was picked as project manager for the men, while Hope Dworaczyk stepped up on the women's side. Gary's lack of leadership on the men's team aggravated the guys, who decided to let Gary dig his own grave. The women, on the other hand, worked well together as a team. When the time came for the live demonstrations, the executives and an audience were brought in to watch both teams. In the boardroom, Trump revealed that the execs liked both teams but decided the women were better. He then awarded Hope $20,000 for her charity. Again, the men pushed hard for Gary to be fired and this time Donald finally obliged and sent him packing.


Mike Barer said...

Gary Busey made the show interesting but it was time for him to go. Nene Leaks should be leaving soon as should LaToya. Hope did really well, but her staying under the radar is enough to eventually get her fired. Strongest players are John Rich, L'l John, Star, and Marlee.

Anonymous said...

yeah nene needs to leave, but i think Star will win

Anonymous said...

All Star does is sit at a computer. Marlee kicks Star's ass.