Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Julie Wolfe the Eleventh Castaway Voted Off "Survivor 22: Redemption Island"

On tonight's "Survivor: Redemption Island" Julie Wolfe became the eleventh castaway voted out and was sent to Redemption Island. The episode began with the tribe watching the duel between Matt, Mike and David. The challenge consisted of using 150 wooden tiles to build a 8 foot tall house of cards. Mike built his tower first, followed closely behind by Matt. Since David came in last he was eliminated from the game for good and became the first member of the jury. Back at camp Steve and Phillip got into a heated argument about the rice supply which escalated into a race issue. The next day the tribe competed in the Immunity Challenge, which was a two stage puzzle. Rob won both stages, narrowly beating Steve in stage two. Later, Julie buried Phillip's swim trunks as a last ditch effort to stir up some drama amongst the Ometepe members. At tribal council Julie became the latest Zapatera casualty when she was voted off 6-3. Next week she'll duel Mike and Matt for the right to stay in the game!


Anonymous said...

Julie rocked last night!

Anonymous said...

julie was STUPID to admit to the fact that she hid philip's clothes. she put a target on her back and that is why she got sent to redemption island.