Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mark McGrath Fired on "Celebrity Apprentice"

On tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice 4" Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath became the sixth star fired by Donald Trump. The episode began with the teams learning that their next task was to create an interactive experience promoting Australian Gold sunscreen. Mark McGrath was chosen as project manager of the men's team, while LaToya Jackson stepped up on the women's side. Mark chose a pirate theme for the men's team, while LaToya played it safe and went with a generic beach theme. Gary Busey continued to be a nuisance for the men, requiring Lil John to watch him so he wouldn't mess things up. On the women's team, LaToya chose not to use Hope as a model even though she's Playmate of the Year. When both teams finished work on their projects, the Australian Gold executives looked at each setup and picked a winner. In the boardroom, Trump revealed that it was a close call but in the end the women had edged out a win. He then awarded LaToya $40,000 for her charity. The guys again pushed for Gary to be fired, but Trump placed the blame on project manager Mark for coming up with a bad theme and fired him. Gary Busey lives to see another day!