Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Matt Elrod Re-Enters "Survivor: Redemption Island" and Immediately Gets Voted Off Again

On tonight's "Survivor: Redemption Island" Matt Elrod won his last duel, re-entered the game and was then immediately voted out again. The episode began with all the castaways heading to Redemption Island to watch the duel between Matt and Sarita. Jeff informed everyone that the winner of this duel would get to re-enter the game. The duel challenge consisted of balancing between two walls with only two small foot pegs for support. Despite an injured foot Matt was able to outlast Sarita, sending her home for good. Jeff then announced that the two tribes had merged and that voted out castaways would continue to go to Redemption Island. The merged tribe made their way to a new beach where a huge feast awaited them. During the feast Rob proposed the new tribe name Murlonio, which he said was Spanish for "from the sea, united" but was really just the name of one of Amber's stuffed animals. Later, Mike approached Matt about joining the Zapatera five and voting out Rob. Matt was torn between taking Mike's offer or staying with his old tribe. The next day, the castaways competed in their first individual Immunity challenge which consisted of balancing three balls on a wooden disk. The challenge came down to Mike and Natalie, with Natalie ultimately pulling out the win. Back at camp, Matt decided to stick with his old tribe and told Rob about the deal Mike offered to jump over to the other side. Rob didn't like that Matt even contemplated switching sides and decided he needed to be voted out again. He gathered all his tribemates and told them to vote out Matt. At tribal council, Ralph wasted his hidden immunity idol by playing it on Mike. The former Ometepe members had just enough votes to get rid of Matt, who was voted out for the second time and sent back to Redemption Island where he'll wait for his next competitor.


Anonymous said...

He's an idiot! He deserved that. The message God was sending him was, "don't be dummy, this is a game, not Church!' Now God's upset with Matt too.

Anonymous said...

Although he's an idiot, he's great guy, and you need to give him a break!