Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mike Chiesl and David Murphy Both Voted Off "Survivor 22: Redemption Island"

On tonight's "Survivor: Redemption Island" Mike Chiesl and David Murphy were both voted out and sent to Redemption Island. The episode began with Rob deciding that Ashley would not make it to the final three if he had anything to do with it, since she didn't tell him about a deal that Ralph offered her. The next day the tribe competed in their first Immunity Challenge, which was a three-part obstacle course that culminated with a block puzzle. The challenge came down to Grant, Mike and David with Grant ultimately taking the win. That night at tribal council the former Ometepe members stuck together and voted out Mike. After tribal, Rob congratulated Phillip on his acting skills and told him he planned on taking him to the final three. The next day the tribe competed in another Immunity Challenge, which consisted of hanging from their legs on a bar over a pool of water. Before the game began, Jeff offered cheeseburgers to anyone who wanted to sit out the challenge. Only Phillip and Steve accepted the offer. The challenge came down to David vs. the women of Ometepe. Once David dropped, the girls agreed to let Andrea win and fell in the water one by one. Later that night at tribal council, the Ometepe six decided to target David and voted him out.

Next week Matt, Mike and David will compete in a Redemption Island duel for the right to stay in the game!


Anonymous said...

Philip and Steve did not choose the burgers over immunity. they picked a rock of a different color(black) and only the white rocks got to play for immunity. Black rocks could not play, but they could eat burgers. They did not know in advance what the rocks were for.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, go watch it again. They were each given a black rock and a white rock. Jeff TOLD them if they chose the black rock they were playing for immunity and if they chose the white rock they got to eat burgers. It was even brought up at tribal council about why they would CHOOSE to eat instead of play for immunity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I did go and watch it again, and you were absolutely right!!!