Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boston Rob Wins "Survivor Redemption Island"

On tonight's "Survivor: Redemption Island" season finale, the fourth time was the charm for Boston Rob Mariano, as he finally won the game and was awarded the $1 million prize. The finale began with the final Redemption Island duel, where Matt, Mike, Andrea and Grant faced off in a battle of endurance. Each castaway had to use one foot to balance a vase placed on one end of a seesaw. Grant was the first person to knock over his vase, followed shortly after by Matt and then Mike. All three were eliminated from the game for good and joined the jury. Having won the challenge, Andrea was awarded the opportunity to re-enter the game. When she returned to camp, she approached Natalie and Ashley with the idea of forming an all-women alliance and voting out either Rob or Phillip. Neither girl was very receptive to the idea. The next day, the final five competed in the penultimate Immunity challenge, which consisted of racing across balance beams collecting bags of numbered tiles and then using those tiles to complete a puzzle. Ashley and Rob were neck and neck during the challenge, but Ashley ultimately pulled out the win. At tribal council Rob played his hidden immunity idol, as this was the last time he could use it. It didn't make a difference though, as the tribe unanimously voted out Andrea. The next day, the final four competed in their last Immunity challenge, which consisted of racing through a huge maze collecting four bags of puzzle pieces and then using those pieces to solve a word puzzle. The challenge again came down to Ashley and Rob, but this time Rob took the win. Back at camp, Rob told Natalie that the time had come for her to turn on her friend and vote out Ashley. At tribal council, Natalie did just that and Ashley was voted out, becoming the final member of the jury. On Day 39, the final three made their way to the last tribal council, where the jury of nine grilled them before they made their decision. After the votes were cast, we joined Jeff live in New York for the final vote reading. Everyone except for Ralph voted for Rob to win and he became the sole Survivor. Rob was also awarded another $100,000 for being picked America's Favorite Player. At the end of the finale, Jeff revealed that this fall's 23rd season will be "Survivor: South Pacific" and will feature the return of Redemption Island and two former players!

What did you think of the finale? Are you happy Rob finally won? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Glad Boston Rob won, he was the best of those that were left. I was hoping that Matt would get the $100K. And just say no to that botter little man, Russell Hantz.

Anonymous said...

Absoultely not. Rob and Amber are both snakes. I watched them when they both were on Survivor together and they cared nothing about anyone but themselves, Rob said that then and said that now. Things have absolutely not changed. They even were so greedy after winning and marrying to go on to try and win “The Amazing Race”! where they talked about how dumb everyone was just as Rob did last night calling everyone idiots! I do not know why for the life of me that someone did not say that if he was doing it for his family what happened to the other million Amber won! Can’t other people help their family too. It was the worse Survivor I have ever watched all of the people act like Rob hypnotized them from the first show and the women were led away like toddlers. Worse Survivor ever!

tinabeena said...

I am SOOOOO happy Boston Rob won! Survivor: Redemption Island has been the best Survivor (in my humble opinion) to date, and it's about time the Robfather finally took home the prize! Long live Rob Mariano! And how adorable are his two kids?!

Anonymous said...

I hate Rob but I'm glad he won. This season was crap. The whole show was pretty much Rob v. Idiots. It totally seems like they cased idiots so that either Rob or Russell won. If Rob had been on the other tribe he would have been voted off way early into the season.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think that Boston Rob played a good game at all. He just had a bunch of mindless dummies following behind him that were starstruck. I was really hoping that Matt at least won the $100K

Anonymous said...

For those that are bitter about how Rob played the game. This is a game. I know they call it reality TV, but it is far from REALITY. Reality is going to work, dealing with day to day life, bills, kids etc. This is a game. Those that play it should not take it personal if they are blindsided or back stabbed. It is a game. I am tired of those that lost whining abot how someone played the game. Props to David for understanding that and giving Boston Rob credit for what he accomplished. And Rob's wife winning $1M shouldn't be a factor. Sandra won a million bucks before and in All Stars they voted her another $1M, it all comes down how well did you play the game.

Anonymous said...

Just like the lawyer said...Rob PLAYED the game and everyone else on it! He deserved the win.

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