Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hope Dworaczyk Fired on "Celebrity Apprentice", LaToya Jackson Comes Back

On tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice 4" Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk was fired by Donald Trump and LaToya Jackson re-entered the competition. The episode began with the teams learning that their next task was to stage a live hair show promoting Farouk beauty products. Lil Jon was picked as project manager for the men, while Nene Leakes reluctantly stepped up on the women's team. Nene also verbally attacked Star Jones for pressuring her to become project manager and acting like a bully. When the task started, the women had a hard time working together and focusing on the task after Nene's outburst. The men, on the other hand, got to work right away and even recruited former contestant Niki Taylor to help them. During the task, LaToya Jackson stopped by Trump's office to ask for the chance to re-enter the competition. Donald heard her out and said he would think about it and get back to her in 24 hours. After rehearsing their shows, the teams presented them to Farouk and a packed audience. In the boardroom, Trump revealed that Farouk liked both team's shows, but preferred the men's more. He then awarded Lil Jon $40,000 for his charity. Before the men left, LaToya entered the boardroom and Trump announced that she was back in the game and joining the men's team. On the women's side Nene, Star and Marlee all picked Hope as the weakest player and Trump agreed, booting her from the show.

If you missed the ending of the show, the full episode is available On Demand and at NBC's website here!