Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Sisters" Kisha and Jen Hoffman Win "The Amazing Race 18: Unfinished Business"

On tonight's season finale of "Amazing Race 18: Unfinished Business" sisters Kisha & Jen Hoffman beat Gary & Mallory and the Globetrotters to be crowned the winners of the race. The episode began with the final four teams flying from Zurich, Switzerland to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When they landed teams traveled to Santa Teresa where they had to find a Route Info tile hidden amongst many other tiles. The Globetrotters missed the trolley to Santa Teresa and had to wait 30 minutes for the next one to depart. The teams were then faced with a Roadblock, which required one teammate to learn and perform a samba routine. Zev had trouble learning the routine, which allowed the Globetrotters to catch up. When the task was completed, teams made their way to a nearby salon where each team member had to undergo a 15 minute body waxing session. When the 15 minutes were up, teams were given their last Detour. The choice of tasks was between selling bikinis to strangers on the beach until they earned $60 or making 100 Brazilian cocktails. Gary & Mallory were the first team to complete all the tasks and make it to the Pit Stop first, earning them a trip for two to the Mediterranean coast. Zev and Justin arrived last and were eliminated from the race. The episode then continued with the final three teams flying to the final destination city of Miami, Florida. When the teams landed they made their way to Rickenbacker Marina where a Roadblock awaited them. One team member had to move a boat to a drydock using a heavy load forklift. Gary & Mallory got a bad taxi driver when they left the airport, causing them to fall way behind. When the task was completed, teams traveled to Jules Undersea Lodge where they were surprised to find another Roadblock. The other teammate had to get in a personal submarine and search amongst dozens of treasure chests for one that contained their next clue. Once they found it, they made their way to Horseshoe Island where they found their next clue underneath the tallest tree. Said clue instructed them to take a speedboat to a local mobile home park where their final task awaited. Teams had to set up a trailer so that it exactly matched one that appeared in a brochure they were given. When the task was completed teams were instructed to take a taxi to the Seven Mile Bridge where they rode tricycles all the way across the bridge to the Finish Line. Kisha & Jen were the first team to cross the Finish Line and won the $1 million prize. The Globetrotters arrived only minutes later and were followed in third place by Gary & Mallory.

What did you think of the finale? Did your favorite team win or lose? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

the Mallorys should have is strange that a cab driver at the airport didn't know the way to the todays world nothing is honest....could he have been helping his race? one of the sisters won because of dishonesty..she came on the heels of one of the cowboys, overheard the answer to the kilometers, no thinking or riding her moped and went up and said 21....that should not have been...last season the cowboys were cheated, because the Jewish brothers cut the line at the airport and went up to first class to get a jumpstart on the
others. this will be the last season for me, because the cheating is not checked...some of the contestants get lost and follow the coattails of other this fair????

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