Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nene Quits, LaToya Jackson and Star Jones Both Fired on Tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice"

On tonight's 3 hour "Celebrity Apprentice 4" Star Jones and LaToya Jackson were both fired by Donald Trump, while Nene Leakes quit the show. The episode began with Trump mixing up the teams by having Nene join Backbone and sending Meat Loaf to ASAP. This made Nene irate, as she felt Trump was accommodating Star Jones. Donald then told the teams that their next task was to produce and sell tickets to a live comedy show. Meat Loaf was picked as project manager for ASAP, while LaToya Jackson stepped up on Backbone. Immediately, Nene bailed on the task and later called Trump to inform him she was quitting the show. On Backbone, John Rich called Jimmy Fallon to ask if he would perform at the show and Jimmy agreed. Over on ASAP, Star Jones contacted Tracey Morgan and asked if he would record a video they could show at the event and Tracey also said yes. Both teams also raised money by selling tickets to their shows. After staging their events, the teams met up in the boardroom to find out who won. After some sobbing by Meat Loaf and some creepy glares by Jim Cramer, Trump announced that ASAP beat Backbone by $20,000. He then awarded all $184,000 to Meat Loaf's charity. On Backbone, Trump had no choice but to fire project manager LaToya, making her the first person in "Apprentice" history to be fired twice. The next day, the teams met up again and were told their next task was to create a 60 second commercial for OnStar. John Rich was picked as PM for Backbone, while Marlee Matlin was chosen on ASAP. Marlee handed off most of the creative decisions to Meat Loaf and gave Star the responsibility of brand integration. Over on Backbone, the two Johns worked hard on their ad, with John Rich writing the script and Lil Jon directing the commercial. After the OnStar executives watched both videos, they met with Trump and picked a winner. In the boardroom, Donald revealed that the execs liked both ads but thought Backbone's was better. He then awarded John $40,000 for his charity. On ASAP, Trump placed the blame on Star for not incorporating the brand into the commercial enough and fired her from the competition.


mary said...

I say Donald, what took you so long in firing Star Jones?! Several episodes ago Ms. Jones needed to have the boot way up. I can understand why Nene did what she did. Donald was way unfair to all the remaining players by removing Star from the situation. She should have been left in the situation to have worked it out with Nene. Why give her preferential treatment? Even children work out their differences Ms. Jones. Seems to me you met your match with Nene as well as Meatloaf. What was next Donald had you not fired Ms. Jones?...moving Meatloaf? Oh Donald...I am so disappointed in you. Apprentice Fan Mary

marie said...

I totally agree. Star Jones has come across as a manipulative, mean person the entire season. She should have been fired a long time ago. I feel sorry for all the celebs that had to put up with her. The show has showcased Star as a horrible person. I wonder how she views herself as she watches the episodes.