Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet the "Big Brother 13" Houseguests

Today, CBS unveiled the identities of eight of the houseguests taking part in "Big Brother 13". These new contestants will compete with three "dynamic duos" from past seasons who will be revealed on premiere night, July 7th. It's anyone's guess who those three duos will be, but rumors suggest it could be Jeff & Jordan, Rachel & Brendan, Lane & Britney or Evel Dick & Eric. Below are all the new contestants along with their ages, occupation and current residence. Click on the pictures to make them larger. Who stands out to you?

Porsche Briggs 23 VIP Cocktail Waitress Miami Beach FL

Lawon Exum 39 Legal File Clerk Urbana IL

Cassi Colvin 26 Model Nashville TN

Shelly Moore 41 Outdoors Industry Exec Prairieville LA

Kalia Booker 30 Writer Los Angeles CA

Dominic Briones 25 College Student San Mateo CA

Adam Poch 39 Music Inventory Manager Hoboken NJ

Keith Henderson 32 Human Resources Manager Bolingbrook IL

"Big Brother 13" Twist Revealed: Three Dynamic Duos from the Past will Return

CBS officially announced the twist for the upcoming thirteenth season of "Big Brother". Three "dynamic duos" from past seasons will be returning to compete with eight new houseguests. Click here to meet the new players. The identities of the returning duos haven't been revealed yet, but rumors are circulating that Jeff & Jordan, Rachel & Brendan, Lane & Britney, Enzo & Hayden, Jessie & Natalie and Evel Dick & Eric could be possibilities. No other information about the upcoming season is known at this time. If anything leaks between now and the premiere on July 7th you'll find it here.

Here's a new commercial featuring the new houseguests...

Big Spoiler: "Bachelor Pad 2" Boot List Leaked

The second season of "Bachelor Pad" doesn't premiere until August 8th, but a full boot list and final four has already been leaked. Reality Steve has revealed everything that happens this season, including who goes home each week and who goes on which dates. Obviously this is a huge spoiler which could ruin the entire season for some of you. For that reason I have written a separate, secret post that contains the full boot list. If you want to know everything that happens read my post here!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Javier Colon Wins "The Voice"

On tonight's first season finale of "The Voice" Javier Colon beat Dia Frampton, Beverly McClellan and Vicci Martinez to be crowned the winner. Yesterday, the final four performed two songs each - an original song and a duet with their coach. Tonight, they performed with special guests Pat Monahan, Ryan Tedder, Miranda Lambert and Stevie Nicks. Carson Daly then revealed that the Top 2 singers were Javier and Dia. In the end, Javier was crowned the winner and was awarded $100,000 and a recording contract. "The Voice" returns in February with the premiere airing right after the Super Bowl.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Big Brother 13" House Pictures Revealed

Minutes ago, brand new pictures of the "Big Brother 13" house were unveiled. The house has a Venice Beach theme and has a candy colored bedroom. Among the changes to the decor include butcher block counters, a window from the kitchen to the backyard, bench seating at the dining table, and surfboards on the ceiling. Click on the pictures to make them larger!

The front of the house

The living room

The dining room

The bathroom

The big bedroom

View from the entrance

Spiral staircase

The kitchen

The lounge

HoH bedroom

HoH bathroom

HoH landing

The backyard

Candy colored bedroom

UPDATE: Julie Chen gives a tour of the house...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jeff Probst to Host New Daytime Talk Show

"Survivor" host Jeff Probst has signed with CBS to host a new daytime talk show premiering in the fall of 2012. Jeff was one of the contenders to replace Regis Philbin, but he removed himself from the running because he didn't want to commute to New York. There's no word yet on how this new gig will affect his role on "Survivor", but that show now films it's seasons back-to-back in the summer, so he could technically host both. Talking about the new show Jeff said "I’m fascinated with human nature and thrilled that this show will allow me the opportunity to connect with real people and explore their stories on a personal level. As I continue with Survivor, I am excited to extend my relationship with CBS with this new adventure in the world of daytime". CBS exec Aaron Meyerson said "Anyone who has seen Jeff on Survivor knows how he connects with people and has an instinct that makes him a natural and compelling host. Whether it’s a newsmaker-of-the-day, a celebrity or ordinary folks, Jeff will go further than typical discussion".

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Bachelor" Runner-Up Chantal O'Brien Engaged

Last season's "Bachelor" runner-up Chantal O'Brien is engaged to marketing consultant Jeff Razore. "Chantal's engaged to a wealthy guy who gave her a four-carat engagement ring" a source close to O'Brien told "She really was in love with Brad and was completely heartbroken when that didn’t work out, but now she really knows everything happens for a reason". A show insider also said "Chantal was supposed to be the next Bachelorette. She signed contracts and everything, but then she met a guy and fell madly in love with him. When she first tried to back out, we flew her down to LA to convince her to do the show. However, it was obvious she’s really in love. We told her we wanted the Bachelorette to be totally invested in finding true love, so we let her out of the contract".

Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Amazing Race 19" Spoilers: "Survivor" Winners Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca are a Team

"The Amazing Race 19" doesn't premiere until September, but a major spoiler has already been leaked. CBS has cast "Survivor" winners and dating couple Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca as a team on the upcoming season. Both players won their original seasons of "Survivor" and were contestants on the first All-Star season. Ethan was diagnosed with a rare form of Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2009, but after months of intensive chemotherapy is now in remission and healthy. Jenna herself essentially spoiled their participation in the show, tweeting that she'd be gone for a month and talking about doing intense training "before we ship out". Fans also spotted them at LAX today, which is assumed to be the first day of filming. Other teams were also seen at the airport, including Laurence Sunderland and his son Zac, who at 16 sailed around the world. An older couple, an African American couple and a dark haired all-female team were also spotted. What do you think about Ethan & Jenna running the "Amazing Race"? Are you excited to watch them or sick of former reality TV contestants coming back? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Friday, June 17, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Live Feeds Early Bird Special On Sale Today, Buy Them for Only $29.99

"Big Brother 13" doesn't premiere until July 7th, but you can purchase the 24/7 live feeds today for the discounted price of $29.99. That's the entire season of "Big Brother" completely uncensored for only $9.99 a month. When you sign up you'll also get access to the live feeds on your mobile device, the ability to catch up on anything you missed with Flashback, exclusive call-in shows hosted by former houseguests and improved chat features. The early bird price of $29.99 is only available until July 6th, when the price will raise to $39.99. If you're a die-hard "Big Brother" fan you don't want to miss out on this great deal. You can buy the live feeds from Real Superpass here!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Amazing Race" Renewed for 2 More Seasons

CBS announced today that "The Amazing Race" would return for two more seasons, the 19th & 20th installments. It was previously announced that the nineteenth season would premiere this fall. Today, CBS revealed that a twentieth season was also picked up and will air in early 2012. Host Phil Keoghan will return and will also be promoted to executive producer. In other "Amazing Race" news, you can now watch full episodes of Australia's version of the show online here!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Former Castaways Coach and Ozzy Both Returning for "Survivor 23: South Pacific"

Ben "Coach" Wade and Ozzy Lusth are the two former castaways returning for this fall's "Survivor 23: South Pacific". They will compete against sixteen new castaways when the show premieres in September. Both guy's voice mail messages say they will be traveling the next couple of weeks, Coach will have a replacement conductor at his symphony concert this weekend and Ozzy has taken a leave of absence from his job as a waiter. While it's possible this could all be coincidence, the signs seem to point heavily to those two being the returning players. "Survivor: South Pacific" started filming on Monday and will finish taping the first week of July.
What do you think about these picks? Do you want to see Coach and Ozzy play the game again or should they have picked two different castaways? Leave a comment & share your thoughts!