Thursday, June 2, 2011

Former Castaways Coach and Ozzy Both Returning for "Survivor 23: South Pacific"

Ben "Coach" Wade and Ozzy Lusth are the two former castaways returning for this fall's "Survivor 23: South Pacific". They will compete against sixteen new castaways when the show premieres in September. Both guy's voice mail messages say they will be traveling the next couple of weeks, Coach will have a replacement conductor at his symphony concert this weekend and Ozzy has taken a leave of absence from his job as a waiter. While it's possible this could all be coincidence, the signs seem to point heavily to those two being the returning players. "Survivor: South Pacific" started filming on Monday and will finish taping the first week of July.
What do you think about these picks? Do you want to see Coach and Ozzy play the game again or should they have picked two different castaways? Leave a comment & share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

ugh i love ozzy but damn it come on no more of the whole bring back former cast members! the whole redemption island thing is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

NO. BORING. If you insist of bringing people back, make it interesting people who actually put a twist on the game. As much as I was tired of the Rob/Russell thing, they make bold moves that are fun to watch...

theboy1der said...

Stephenie vs James!!!! Please!!! Steph was out to early in All Stars and she's one of the best female players to ever play. I don't get Ozzy and Coach. Coach was never a great player. He was just someone to laugh at. Not looking forward to seeing these two.

Anonymous said...

Bring Back Yau Man!!!


Anonymous said...

With Ozzy around they won't starve. The guy was amazing--spearing fish and climbing coconut trees! I'm glad he's coming back. I liked him a lot. Coach was entertaining, but off-beat and rather clueless about strategy. Redemption island should favor Ozzie. I predict he'll win this one!

Anonymous said...

Ozzy has been one of my favorites on survivor for a long time. He's prob the best player ever at the physical activities. I remember when he always made his team win at challenges. I never really liked Coach...nothing really stood out for me there. I'm glad how they put Rob M back on Redemption Island, he's the best strategic player I have EVER seen, plus he was really good at the puzzles.

Anonymous said...

I hope Ozzy wins this time around! I think he got a little cheated on Cook Islands! Liked Yul but Ozzy was impressive!

Anonymous said...

If you're gonna bring back anyone, bring Rupert back!!! Oh well, as long as it's not Russell. Coach is annoying and Ozzy is great...but why bring back anyone really?...

Anonymous said...

i guess not enough new people submited applications to be on the show...

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