Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet the "Big Brother 13" Houseguests

Today, CBS unveiled the identities of eight of the houseguests taking part in "Big Brother 13". These new contestants will compete with three "dynamic duos" from past seasons who will be revealed on premiere night, July 7th. It's anyone's guess who those three duos will be, but rumors suggest it could be Jeff & Jordan, Rachel & Brendan, Lane & Britney or Evel Dick & Eric. Below are all the new contestants along with their ages, occupation and current residence. Click on the pictures to make them larger. Who stands out to you?

Porsche Briggs 23 VIP Cocktail Waitress Miami Beach FL

Lawon Exum 39 Legal File Clerk Urbana IL

Cassi Colvin 26 Model Nashville TN

Shelly Moore 41 Outdoors Industry Exec Prairieville LA

Kalia Booker 30 Writer Los Angeles CA

Dominic Briones 25 College Student San Mateo CA

Adam Poch 39 Music Inventory Manager Hoboken NJ

Keith Henderson 32 Human Resources Manager Bolingbrook IL