Friday, July 8, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Brendan and Rachel Win PoV, Will they Change their Nominations?

Yesterday was a busy day in the "Big Brother" universe. First, the new season kicked off on CBS and we learned that Brendan & Rachel, Jeff & Jordan and Dick & Daniele would be playing the game alongside eight newbies. Those newbies were then paired up and competed with the veterans in the first HoH competition, which Rachel won. Later that night, when the live feeds clicked in, we learned that Rachel nominated the duo of Porsche and Keith. But the biggest surprise was that Evel Dick left the show for personal reasons. Daniele was then given a golden key and is safe from eviction for the next four weeks. Today, the houseguests competed in the first PoV comp of the season. Co-HoH's Rachel & Brendan, nominees Keith & Porsche and Jeff & Jordan took part in the competition, which apparently was a puzzle of some sort. Not surprisingly, Brendan & Rachel won PoV and can now change their nominations if they want. It seems like they're throwing around the idea of replacing Keith & Porsche with Adam & Dominic, but that's just speculation right now. When the PoV ceremony is held, I'll be back with all the info!


Dre said...

I cannot stand Brendan and Rachel.. cannot believe they brought them back :( they are the most annoying couple on the show. And Rachel cries over not winning one challenge come on really? time to grow up

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