Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Cassi Evicted 9-0, Rachel Wins HoH for the Second Time

On tonight's live "Big Brother 13" eviction show Cassi became the second houseguest evicted from the game. The vote was unanimous with Cassi not even getting a sympathy vote from Dominic. After Cassi's eviction, her partner Shelly was given a golden key and is safe from eviction until only ten houseguests remain. The houseguests then competed in the HoH competition, which consisted of guessing how America voted on a series of questions. One by one the houseguests were knocked out, until only Brendan and Rachel remained. Ultimately it was Rachel who won the competition and was crowned HoH for the second time in three weeks. Rachel will undoubtedly nominate either Dominic & Adam or Lawon & Kalia for eviction. Any way you slice it, another newbie will probably go home next Thursday. Check back here tomorrow to see who Rachel nominates!