Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Dominic Wins Veto, Jordan Puts Up Cassi & Shelly as Replacements

The PoV competition took place earlier today and Dominic did what he needed to do and won the coveted veto. He can now remove himself and his partner Adam from the block, forcing HoH Jordan to nominate a new duo. Unsurprisingly, Jordan nominated Cassi and Shelly as replacements since the veterans have the votes to get rid of Cassi. During the competition it seems that Rachel was given the punishment of having to be on slop for two weeks. Jeff is worried about how this will affect her physical and social game. Daniele is now pushing for the veterans to work with Dominic since he will have no one once Cassi is gone. Next week it all comes down to the veto, because if the nominated duo wins it there will be only two other duos to choose from to replace them. Everyone will definitely be playing hard for HoH next week & we'll find out on Thursday who wins.