Friday, July 15, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Jordan Nominates...

Earlier today, new HoH Jordan unsurprisingly nominated the duo of Dominic and Adam for eviction. The plan right now is to get rid of Dominic, but obviously he and Adam could win the veto. If that happens Jordan will most likely replace them with Cassi and Shelly. Also today, the houseguests competed in the Have/Have-Not competition which Brendan and Rachel won and they got to pick two duos to be Have-Nots. No surprise, they chose Dominic & Adam and Cassi & Shelly. America also voted to give the Have-Nots jellybeans and jerky in addition to their slop. It also seems like Dominic finally figured out that Shelly voted with the veterans, not Adam like he first thought. Tomorrow the houseguests compete in the all important PoV comp, which Dominic needs to win or else he's going home!

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