Friday, July 8, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Rachel Nominates Porsche and Keith, Evel Dick is Off the Show

The "Big Brother 13" live feeds clicked in at 1am eastern time and already a huge bombshell has rocked the house. First, it was revealed that HoH Rachel nominated the duo of Porsche and Keith for eviction. The new houseguests minus Porsche seem to have a pretty strong alliance, while the three returning duos look like they're working together. Rachel & Daniele and Jeff & Brendan seem pretty chummy, but it's not yet known how close they really are. Porsche looks like the outcast in both groups, so unless her and Keith win PoV she's probably going home. The biggest shocker when the live feeds clicked in was that Evel Dick was nowhere to be found. He was either called to the Diary Room or voluntarily went there before the feeds went live. He was gone for over six hours and the houseguests, especially Daniele, started to worry about what happened to him. At 4am eastern Daniele was called to the Diary Room and the feeds cut out. Three hours later, the feeds finally came back on and it seems like Evel Dick left the show for personal reasons. Daniele was then given a golden key and is safe from eviction til ten houseguests remain. Right now it looks like there will still be an eviction on Thursday, but as with everything on Big Brother expect the unexpected!


Anonymous said...

Why did evil dick leave big brother 13? This is stupid!

Anonymous said...

he left bcuz of rehab

danielle.royster said...

I can’t wait for the new episode to come on tonight because I need to know what sends Evel Dick home because the suspense is killing me. I didn’t like him on his season but in the few days that he was on the show, he grew on me and I’m going to miss him. I can’t wait for the new episode to come on tonight and although I’ll be at work, I can still watch it on my phone! I went ahead and signed up for the Sling Adapter with my DISH Network employee account so I would never miss a minute of it. I can watch live and pre-recorded content and I don't even have to be at home to do so. The Sling Adapter is normally $99 but with a special promotion with DISH Network, new and existing customers can now get it for free. People can go here to get more information!