Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Three Returning Duos Enter, Newbies Paired Up & Rachel Wins HoH

On tonight's season premiere of "Big Brother 13", eight new houseguests and three returning duos entered the house, where Julie informed them that everyone would play as pairs this year. The episode began with the eight rookie houseguests entering the house and introducing themselves. Before long, Julie appeared and surprised the newbies with the first twist. Each player was told that they had to pair up with another houseguest and play the game as a duo. Keith immediately asked Porsche to be his partner and she reluctantly agreed. Cassi and Shelly then paired up, followed by Dominic and Adam. That left Lawon and Kalia as the last two houseguests, so they were forced to be partners. Before the houseguests could catch their breath, the doorbell rang and in walked Brendan and Rachel. They were followed by Jeff and Jordan, and then finally Dick and Daniele. Julie informed the newbies that these three duos would also be competing for the $500,000. Next up the duos competed in their first HoH competition, which consisted of hanging onto giant bananas for as long as possible. After a little while, they were also sprayed with chocolate and whipped cream. One by one the houseguests fell, until only Rachel and Dick & Daniele remained. The Donatos agreed to give Rachel HoH in exchange for safety this week. Julie then called all the houseguests into the living room to reveal one more twist. She announced that after one member of a duo was evicted, the surviving member would receive a "golden key" that would give them immunity until only ten houseguests remained. How will these new twists affect the game? Only time will tell.

The live feeds begin tonight at 1am eastern. Big spoilers should be revealed about who Rachel nominated and which houseguests have made alliances. Check back soon, as I will be posting all the updates as soon as they happen all summer long!