Friday, August 26, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Daniele & Jeff Both Evicted, HoH Porsche Noms Rachel & Jordan

On yesterday's "Big Brother" live show, both Daniele and Jeff were evicted from the house and sent to the jury. The episode began with Julie announcing that there would be two evictions taking place tonight. First up, Daniele was booted in a 3-2 vote. Porsche and Shelly voted to save her, while Jordan, Adam and Rachel voted to evict her. Next up was the HoH competition, which was "Before or After" and it came down to Jordan and Kalia. Ultimately, Kalia emerged the winner and immediately nominated Rachel and Jeff for eviction. Minutes later, all the houseguests except Jordan competed in the Veto comp. The challenge consisted of searching for two yellow clown shoes in a large ball pit. Porsche was the first person to find both shoes and was awarded the power of veto. Unsurprisingly, she decided not to use the veto on either Rachel or Jeff. The houseguests then cast their votes for eviction and it ended up being a tie: Jordan and Adam voted to evict Rachel and Porsche and Shelly voted to evict Jeff. HoH Kalia was the tie-breaker and she evicted Jeff. After Jeff's eviction, the house erupted with Jordan screaming at Shelly for turning on her and Jeff. Later that night, the houseguests competed in another HoH competition which consisted of guiding a ball down a snaking path. Porsche continued her winning streak and was crowned the new HoH. Today, she unsurprisingly nominated Rachel and Jordan for eviction. She was also given the option of opening Pandora's Box, which she did. Inside was $10,000 but she only gets to keep half. The other $5,000 had to be given to another houseguest and Porsche gave it to Kalia. Also in Pandora's Box came the news that the houseguests had to pair up for the PoV competition. Rachel paired with Jordan, Adam with Shelly and Porsche with Kalia. This means that if the duo of Rachel and Jordan win the PoV, they both can come off the block and Porsche will have to nominate two people from her alliance. Obviously, it's do or die for Rachel and Jordan as they have to win or one of them is going home. Check back here tomorrow for the PoV spoiler and aftermath!

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