Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Adam Wins Veto

Earlier today, the "Big Brother" houseguests competed in the penultimate PoV competition and Adam emerged the winner. The challenge was the classic OTEV game, which consisted of racing around the backyard searching for the names of former houseguests that correctly answered OTEV's questions. Since Adam won the challenge, he now has the power to veto one of Rachel's nominations. However, as of now, Adam plans to keep the nominations the same and stick with Rachel and Jordan. Porsche and Kalia are trying their hardest to convince him to remove one of them from the block, which would force Rachel to put up Jordan. Adam seems to have made up his mind, though and either Kalia or Porsche will be the next to go. We'll find out for sure whether or not Adam uses the veto during Monday's veto ceremony!


Dan Survivorfan said...

As much as I wish Adam would use it because I am pulling for Porsche and Kalia. I think he probably is making the right decision not to use it. I don't really think it will further his game that much to turn on them now.

I don't think he will win either way, I think that ship has sailed whether he realizes it or not. But I think his best option is to leave the noms the same.

Although Adam using the veto would be epic. So I am hoping he makes another stupid decision and saves one of them.

Edna Ruth said...

I hope Adam doesn't use the POV on either Kalia or Porche. I think Porche should be the one voted out this week. If Rachael & Jordan are in the bottom 3 they should take Adam with them. I don't think he would win. However we could be surprised.

Anonymous said...

He shouldn't use it on Whiny Rachael or Jordan. Edna is a moron.