Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Jordan Evicted, Rachel Wins Part 1 of the Final HoH Comp

On tonight's live "Big Brother 13" eviction show, Jordan became the eleventh houseguest booted from the game. The episode began with a recap of Adam nominating Porsche and Jordan for eviction and then Porsche winning the final veto competition. At the live veto ceremony, Porsche predictably used the veto on herself which forced Adam to replace her with Rachel. Porsche then cast the sole vote to evict and she booted Jordan. After Jordan's eviction, the final three houseguests began the last three-part HoH competition. Part 1 was endurance and consisted of spinning around on a giant mixer. Twenty minutes after the feeds clicked in, Adam fell from the mixer and was eliminated from the challenge. Twenty minutes after that, Porsche fell as well leaving Rachel as the last woman standing and advancing her straight to part three of the competition. On Saturday, Porsche and Adam will compete against each other in part two with the winner battling Rachel on finale night. Check back soon to find out who wins part two of the HoH competition!


Anonymous said...

Rachael is strong in the contest like the mixer. I am thrilled that she won. Am hoping Porche is gone & Rachael is in the final 2 with Adam. I think she can out do Adam.
There is something about Porche & Kalia's attitudes that turned me off.

Anonymous said...

Rachael is a whining B*tch. Should of never made the show.

saelrks said...

So many twists can be seen in one show that is Big Brother TV Show where we enjoy ridiculous entertainment.