Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Live Show Spoilers: Kalia Evicted 2-1, Adam Wins Head of Household

Earlier today, the "Big Brother" houseguests filmed an eviction show that will be aired tomorrow at 8pm. However, several reports have surfaced from people who were in the audience detailing everything that happened in the hour. The show began with a recap of the OTEV veto competition that Adam won. At the veto ceremony, Adam unsurprisingly decided not to use it. Next up, they showed Shelly arriving at the jury house and having a heated exchange with Jeff. Reportedly, it was pretty intense. Then it was eviction time, where Kalia and Porsche awaited their fate. In her last ditch speech, Kalia reportedly told Adam to "start playing like an All-Star, not a fan". The words fell on deaf ears though, as Adam voted to evict her. Jordan, however, stayed true to her promise to Kalia and voted to evict Porsche. HoH Rachel was then forced to break the tie and she booted Kalia. After Kalia's interview with Julie, she watched her goodbye messages in which Rachel reportedly called her a fat cow. Not sure if that's true or not, we'll have to see on the show tomorrow. The show ended with the HoH competition, which was true/false questions about last night's fortune teller statements. Adam won the challenge by answering all six questions correctly, followed closely behind by Jordan who got five right. Porsche was a distant third with only two or three correct. Adam's nominations don't really matter, because veto is everything this week. The veto competition takes place tomorrow and Porsche needs to win it or she'll be following Kalia out the door. Whenever the PoV spoiler is revealed, I'll post it right here! Check back soon!