Friday, September 2, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Rachel Nominates Porsche and Kalia, Pandora's Box Returns

Earlier today in the "Big Brother" house, HoH Rachel unsurprisingly nominated Porsche and Kalia for eviction. Also today, Rachel was given a Pandora's Box, which she opened. When she did, she unleashed something bad for her and something good for the house. Like Britney from last year, Rachel was awarded a visit with former houseguest and Mr. PecTactular Jessie Godderz. The other houseguests, however, were given a three minute shopping spree to grab all the free clothes they could put on their body. Hosting the shopping spree was none other than Adam's dreamgirl Tori Spelling. Obviously, the houseguests were really happy that Rachel opened Pandora's Box, especially Adam. Tomorrow is the all-important Veto comp, which both Porsche and Kalia need to win to guarantee their safety. Check back then to find out what happens!