Thursday, September 22, 2011

Christine Voted Off "Survivor 23: South Pacific"

On tonight's "Survivor: South Pacific" 39 year old teacher Christine Shields Markoski became the second castaway voted out and was sent to Redemption Island. The episode began with Semhar arriving at Redemption Island and settling in. Over on Savaii, Ozzy decided to go searching for the hidden immunity idol and he ended up finding it in a tree. On the Upolu tribe, Brandon decided to tell Coach that he was Russell Hantz's nephew in the hopes of gaining Coach's trust. He also expressed his dislike of Mikayla, because he thought she flaunted her body and was playing the guys ala Parvati. The next day, the tribes met up for the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge which consisted of untangling ribbons from a large pole and then completing a puzzle by sliding around big, heavy boxes. Upolu got off to an early lead, but Savaii was able to catch up and ultimately overtake them during the puzzle portion. Besides immunity, they were also awarded with pillows, blankets and mats. Back at camp, Coach came up with a plan to split the votes between Christine and Stacey in case Christine had found the hidden immunity idol. At the last minute, though, Brandon made a push to get rid of Mikayla which Coach didn't want to do. At tribal council, Brandon admitted that he told Christine and Stacey to vote out Mikayla in the hopes his other tribemates would as well. In the end, however, the tribe stuck with the original plan and since Christine didn't have an immunity idol she was voted out. Next week, she'll duel Semhar for the right to stay in the game.