Thursday, September 15, 2011

Semhar First Voted Off "Survivor South Pacific"

On tonight's 90 minute season premiere of "Survivor 23: South Pacific" 24 year old spoken word artist Semhar Tadesse became the first castaway voted off the show and sent to Redemption Island. The season began with sixteen new castaways arriving in Samoa and being surprised by the addition of two veteran players - Coach and Ozzy. After the veterans were each put on a different tribe, they competed against each other to earn their tribe a reward of food and flint. The veteran duel consisted of climbing up a tall pole, digging in the sand to crawl under a bar and completing a pyramid shaped puzzle. Ozzy and Coach were neck and neck until the puzzle, when the help of Ozzy's team clinched the win for him. Ozzy's tribe then made their way to camp excited and happy, while Coach's tribe went away disheartened. At Ozzy's camp, Savaii, the tribe decided to celebrate their win by taking it easy and having a dip in the lake. Over on Coach's tribe, Upolu, Brandon Hantz (nephew of Russell Hantz) made sure to hide his tattoos that bared his last name. Later that night, Coach started an alliance with Brandon, Rick, Sophie and Albert to help him have the numbers on his side. The next day, the tribes met up for the first Immunity Challenge, which was an obstacle course that consisted of climbing a large wall, digging for a machete, chopping five ropes and throwing coconuts into a net. Upolu got off to early lead thanks to Rick's chopping ability and were able to maintain it because of Semhar's bad performance tossing coconuts. With Upolu winning immunity, Savaii was forced to go to the first tribal council. Even though Ozzy pushed for Cochran to be the first casualty, the rest of the tribe convinced him to vote out Semhar instead. Jeff snuffed her torch and sent her to Redemption Island where she'll wait to duel next week's evictee.

What did you think of the premiere? Who's your early favorite castaway? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

i would really love to see Semhar stay, she is a good reason for me tuning in to the show, so if she's gone so am I.

Dan Survivorfan said...

I wouldn't go so far as to say if she is done so am I. But she is most definitley easy on the eyes, and seems pleasant.

So even though the odds seem against her enduring long on Redemption Island, I am hoping she will surprise us and at least win a challenge or two.

I will be shocked if she actually runs the gauntlet and makes it back into the game though.

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