Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Married Couple" Amani and Marcus Avoid Elimination on "The Amazing Race 19"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 19" married couple Amani and Marcus Pollard avoided elimination despite arriving last on this leg's Pit Stop. The episode began with the seven remaining teams flying from Bangkok, Thailand to Malawi, Africa. When they landed, teams traveled to the Limbe Tobacco Warehouse where a Roadblock awaited them. One team member had to transport ten 200-pound bales of tobacco leaves through the warehouse to a drop-off zone using only a hand-cart that carried one bag at a time. Amani and Marcus got a bad taxi driver, which caused them to fall behind the other teams. When the task was completed, teams were instructed to make their way to Memorial Tower, where they found a Detour. The choice of tasks was between using a manual sewing machine to finish making a customer's suit or building two toy trucks using everyday materials for the schoolchildren at a nearby school. Lastly, teams traveled to the R-K Furniture Shop where they had to transport two handcrafted wooden beds to Kumbali Village and then carry the beds to the Pit Stop. Justin and Jennifer were the first team to reach the Pit Stop, but couldn't check in because they hadn't paid their driver. That allowed Andy and Tommy to come in first and they were awarded with a trip for two to the British Virgin Islands. Bill and Cathi also forgot to pay their driver, causing them to fall from third to sixth place. Amani and Marcus couldn't overcome their earlier bad luck and arrived at the Pit Stop last. However, it was a non elimination leg & all they got was a Speed Bump for next week.


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