Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Twin Sisters" Liz and Marie Canavan Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 19"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 19" twin sisters Liz and Marie Canavan became the fourth team eliminated from the race. The episode began with the eight remaining teams continuing to race in Phuket, Thailand. The teams were first instructed to travel to the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Conservation Area, where they rode elephants up the river to reach a Roadblock. One team member had to search for a man playing a traditional Thai flute. They then had to search the water around him for a bag that contained their next clue. Before the twins could start the Roadblock, they had to complete their Speed Bump task which consisted of washing and cleaning up after one of the elephants. Next up, the teams traveled to a nearby store where they had to disassemble a traditional spirit house and deliver it to a local temple. When they got there they were faced with another Roadblock, which required the other teammate to reassemble the house exactly as it was. A few teams thought that would be the task and had payed close attention to what the original house looked like. When the house was rebuilt, teams were given a clue that told them to travel by bus 550 miles to Bangkok. Laurence and Zac were one of the first teams to get to the bus terminal, but thought they made a mistake when they boarded a first class bus so they switched to a different bus even though they didn't have to. When teams arrived in Bangkok, they made their way to the Bangkok Noi Canal, where they had to feed the fish at the river before heading to the Pit Stop. Amani and Marcus were the first team to reach the Pit Stop and were awarded with a trip for two to Bali. Liz and Marie could never catch up to the other teams and arrived at the Pit Stop last, eliminating them from the race. Now only seven teams remain!

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