Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cochran Voted Off "Survivor 23: South Pacific"

On tonight's "Survivor: South Pacific" John Cochran became the thirteenth castaway voted out and was sent to Redemption Island. The episode began with Cochran pleading to the core group of five Upolus to keep him in the game and vote out Edna at the next tribal council instead. Albert and Coach seemed to like the idea, but the other three weren't buying what Cochran was selling. The next day, the tribe traveled to Redemption Island to watch the duel between Ozzy, Dawn and Whitney. The challenge consisted of balancing various sized dishes on the end of an arm-like device. Dawn's dishes were the first to fall, followed soon after by Whitney's. That meant that both women were eliminated from the game for good and became the third and fourth members of the jury. With Ozzy's win he was able to stay on Redemption Island another three days until a new challenger arrived. Back at camp, Albert's lazy behavior caused his tribemates to wonder if he had earned his spot in the game. The next day, the tribe competed in a Reward/Immunity challenge, which was a replay of the sandbag toss/coconut slingshot game from earlier this season. Albert, Rick and Sophie were the three castaways who moved on to the second round, with Albert ultimately winning the challenge and earning himself immunity. He was also awarded a spa treatment with a shower and a massage. He was allowed to choose one other person to take part in the reward and he chose Coach. He then asked Jeff if he could give away his own reward and give it to another person. Jeff said yes and Albert gave the reward to Cochran. After their massages, Cochran approached Coach with the idea of teaming up with Albert and Edna and voting out Rick. Coach was torn between staying true to the original alliance of five or flipping to Edna and Cochran, knowing they would never vote him out. At tribal council, Coach decided to stick with his original alliance and booted Cochran. Next week, he'll duel challenge king Ozzy for the right to stay in the game.

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