Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dawn Meehan and Whitney Duncan Both Voted Off "Survivor 23: South Pacific"

On tonight's "Survivor: South Pacific" Dawn Meehan and Whitney Duncan were both voted out and sent to Redemption Island. The episode began with the whole tribe traveling to Redemption Island to watch the duel between Ozzy, Jim and Keith. The challenge consisted of balancing two poles between the tops of castaway's hands and a board above their heads. Jim was the first person to drop his poles, followed soon after by Keith. That meant that both guys were eliminated from the game for good and became the first and second jury members. With Ozzy's win, he was able to stay on Redemption Island until a new challenger arrived. Back at camp, Cochran debated whether to stay with the Upolu members or rejoin his old tribemates, Dawn and Whitney. The next day, the tribe competed in an Immunity challenge, which consisted of balancing a bowl of rice on their heads and walking across two teeter-totters to fill a basket on the other side. Sophie ended up winning the challenge and was awarded immunity. Jeff also told the tribe that there would be a twist at tribal council. Back at camp, Dawn and Whitney approached Cochran and Albert about forming an alliance and getting rid of Edna. Albert thought it was a good idea, but knew they needed one more person to make it work. He decided to approach Sophie with the plan, but she was hesitant to rock the boat. At tribal council, the Upolu members decided to stick together and voted out Dawn. Jeff then announced that the twist was that another Immunity challenge would take place immediately and one more castaway would be voted out. The challenge consisted of answering a series of survival related questions. Sophie narrowly edged out Whitney for the win, earning her second straight immunity necklace. It was a no-brainer for Upolu as they unanimously voted out Whitney. Now, Ozzy must duel Dawn & Whitney and only one castaway will stay in the game!