Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keith Voted Off "Survivor 23: South Pacific"

On tonight's "Survivor: South Pacific" 26 year old water treatment tech Keith Tollefson became the eighth castaway voted out and was sent to Redemption Island. The episode began with Ozzy arriving at Redemption Island and telling Christine that the reason he was voted out was because Cochran played the hidden immunity idol. The next day, both tribes traveled to Redemption Island to watch Ozzy and Christine's duel. Before the challenge began, Ozzy put on a show and pretended to be angry with Cochran for voting him out. However, the Upolu members didn't buy it due to Ozzy's bad acting. Jeff then announced that the winner of this duel would get to re-enter the game. The challenge consisted of using rope and sticks to make a pole in order to retrieve three keys. Ozzy crushed Christine in the duel, earning himself the right to re-enter the game and sending Christine home for good. Jeff then announced that the two tribes were now merged, meaning Ozzy's plan ended up working just as he wanted. After the traditional merge feast, Cochran started playing his role of double agent for Savaii, but soon began to contemplate flipping over to Upolu for real. However, he did decide to give Ozzy back his hidden immunity idol. Later, the tribe competed in the first individual Immunity Challenge, which consisted of balancing on a small perch while holding a coconut between two ropes. The last man and last woman balancing their coconuts would each win immunity. In the end, Dawn won immunity for the women and Ozzy took the prize for the men. Back at camp, the former Savaii members decided they would use the hidden idol on Whitney, meaning three of their group would now be safe at tribal council. Cochran, however, still didn't like the possibility of the vote being a tie and everyone without immunity pulling rocks to decide who would go. At tribal council, the vote did indeed end up as a tie between Keith and Rick, forcing a re-vote before the inevitable pulling of the rocks. Not wanting to put his fate in the game to chance, Cochran decided to switch his vote to Keith, sending him to Redemption Island. With Cochran now aligned with Upolu, do the former Savaii have any hope left?

A "Survivor: South Pacific" boot list and possible Final 3 has been leaked! To find out what happens this season click here!


Anonymous said...

On Cochran: Probably it does not make a difference in where he finishes unless he pulls the wrong rock if it got to that. My reasoning (and probably his) – once he made it to the merge the strategy is to vote off the strongest players first so whatever tribe he is with he will still be one of the last to go before the final 3. And being such a huge fan of the game:
1. He is not going to go out by chance after surviving to the merge and
2. If he can become one of the “famous” survivors by making a huge move he would love it especially as one of the least likely players to make a big move. Jeff Probst even tweeted last night it will be one of 5 biggest moves in survivor history - can you think of anything Jeff could have said that could make him feel any better?

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