Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Friends/Snowboarders" Andy and Tommy Eliminated from "The Amazing Race 19"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 19" friends/snowboarders Andy Finch and Tommy Czeschin became the eighth team eliminated from the race. The episode began with the four remaining teams dressing up as two characters from The Adventures of Tintin comic books & being instructed to find a man dressed as Tintin and telling him their character's names. When they gave Tintin the correct names, they were given a clue that instructed them to book a flight to their next destination: Panama City, Panama. All four teams got tickets on the same flight to Panama and arrived together the next day. When they landed they made their way to Parara Puru and signed up for one of four times to receive a tattoo the next morning. Said tattoo instructed them to their next location: the San Francisco Bay Towers. When they found the Towers, they also found a Roadblock, which required one team member to walk 65 feet between the Towers on a tightrope 35 stories tall. When the task was completed, teams were given a clue instructing them to find a man under a rooster which they had to figure out meant the Ferdinand de Lesseps statue. Once there, teams were faced with a Detour. The choice of tasks was between traveling to a nearby fish market and delivering fish to different marked stalls or traveling to a sandals stall and crafting a pair of sandals using one piece of leather each. Marcus and Amani were the only team to choose the fish task. When the task was completed, teams made their way to the Plaza de la Catedral and had to find the name of the Pit Stop in the dresses and necklaces of a group of tamborito dancers. Andy and Tommy found the wrong name on the dancers and instructed their taxi driver to a location nowhere near the Pit Stop. That allowed the other three teams the time to figure out the right location: Panama Viejo. Jeremy and Sandy were the first team to reach the Pit Stop and were awarded with a trip for two to Turks and Caicos. Andy and Tommy couldn't overcome their big mistake and arrived at the Pit Stop last, eliminating them from the race. Next week, the final 3 couples race to the Finish Line & one pair will win the $1 million prize!


Fokust Designs said...

The amazing race episode in Panama where Andy and Tommy got eliminated was a disgrace to fair competition. How is it that three of the teams told the taxi driver to take them to Balboa but two teams were taken to Panama Viejo instead without ever hearing the name of that location. How is that the three taxi drivers in league with each other took Panama Viejo to be the correct location when two teams stated Balboa as the correct location. They should of had no better knowledge of the correct destination than the contestants. Unless the correct destination was already known to them they would have listened to their fares. How coincidental the cab drivers had each others phone numbers but not Andy and Tommy's drivers. I know the show has already wrapped but this should have been seen by producers and made a non elimination round!!!!

Anonymous said...

I Whole heartedly agree with the above post! The taxi drivers did not take their fares to the requested locations. Unfair unfair! I think if they didn't make it an non-elimination they should at least invite them back so they can win fairly next time!

Anonymous said...

Andy and Tommy were great and they would have won had they been in the finals. Very unfair for them. Oh well, hoping for the nfl team.

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