Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sophie Clarke Wins "Survivor 23: South Pacific"

On tonight's "Survivor: South Pacific" season finale 22 year old medical student Sophie Clarke was crowned the winner and was awarded the $1 million prize. The episode began with the final duel at Redemption Island, where Ozzy and Brandon faced off to see who could hold onto a large pole the longest. After 40 minutes, Brandon was the first to fall and was eliminated from the game for good. With his sixth straight win, Ozzy was finally allowed to re-enter the game. Back at camp, Coach told Ozzy he still planned to take him to the final three and would even be willing to give him his hidden idol if he won the next immunity challenge. At said immunity challenge, the castaways competed to build a house of cards on a wooden board while balancing their board with one hand. Ozzy knew he had to win and in the end he did just that, earning himself immunity & a guaranteed spot in the final four. At tribal council, Albert, Coach and Sophie decided to vote out Rick, fearing the jury would give him the million if he made it to the finals. Also at tribal, Ozzy spilled the beans about Coach offering to take him to the end. Back at camp, Coach voiced his displeasure to Ozzy about telling the others their plan to go to the end together. Ozzy said he did it because he was burned in past seasons by people he thought he could trust. The next day, the tribe competed in their final immunity challenge, which consisted of racing through various obstacles to retrieve five bags and then using the pieces in those bags to solve a puzzle. Ozzy got off to an early lead, but struggled once he got to the puzzle. That allowed Sophie the chance to catch up and ultimately overtake Ozzy, winning the all important immunity. At camp, Ozzy made one final plea to Coach to force a tie at tribal council which would allow him to face off against Albert in a fire making challenge. Ultimately, Coach decided he couldn't keep Ozzy in the game and he was unanimously voted out, becoming the ninth and final member of the jury. On Day 39, after the traditional final three breakfast, Coach, Albert and Sophie made their way to tribal council where the jury grilled them before they made their decision. After the votes were cast, we joined Jeff live in Los Angeles for the final vote reading. By a vote of 6-3 Sophie beat Coach & was named the sole Survivor. Albert didn't receive one vote. Unsurprisingly, Ozzy was voted Fan Favorite and was awarded $100,000. Jeff also confirmed that next year will be "Survivor 24: One World". Check out my old post here for all the scoop on next season.

What did you think of the finale? Are you happy Sophie won or were you rooting for someone else? Leave a comment below!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is a have watched every season, ever show, and alto some were less appealing than others, this one took it all. Sophie didnt outwit anyone. She drank the Coach kool-aid which got her as far as she got. Outplayed, not by a long shot. Just got lucky with that puzzle at the end which I still don't get cause Ozzy was way ahead of her and then all of a sudden can't win a challenge, never thought Survivor was fixed but got a little suspicious last night ??? Outlast, yeah, with the help of Coach and even Albert. Which I don't get that no one voted for him in the end. Out of the 3, he did outwit, outlast, and won as many challenges as Sophie. When Sophie yelled for him to pick up her puzzle pieces and help her because he was never going to win the challenge showed exactly what Ozzy stated, she was a spoiled brat. She did that do Albert all season long. Liked him when it was to her advantage but turn on him every other time. Coach is such an egotistically asshole who stabbed each and everyone and then apologizes at tribal to use his excuses why is was ok because he is such a Christian man who prays for his mistakes. Eyes rolling now and gagging ! Probst, plz DO NOT bring Russell Hantz or Brandon Hantz back because that will def be the day I turn off my T.V. to Survivor which I thought was the Best Reality Show ever !! Ozzy hands down best Survivor Ever, to bad for him tho. At least he won America's Vote by a long shot. And that all I have to say about that.

Anonymous said...

honestly Ozzy should have won. He is the best and always will be. Sophie didn't deserve it at all! Just like Ozzy said shes a spoiled brat who didnt do anything but follow coach around the whole season. I wanna roundhouse kick coach right in the face right now! yeah he's "Christian man" but he can still lie as long as he prays to god about it? whatever! and than ended up voting out Ozzy? I think that was just a pathetic move. Thats it.

Unknown said...

The two of you should go suck lemons. you folks are just butt-hurt that your boy Ozzy lost. Deal with it!

And yeah, Sophie won Survivor fair and square. She won the most immunity challenges of the season, with the third being the most essential one. She stuck with a very strong alliance and rode it to the end. And she made a great case for herself during the Final Tribal. How's that not deserving. However you think of her, she deserved it. Get used to it already!

As for Ozzy, guy may be great at challenges but has no strategic brain whatsoever and he a guy I sure as heck wouldn't want on my jury.

Credit where credit is due, though: He may have been bitter at the Final Three but he STILL gave his vote to the most deserving one. That wins a bit of respect from me.

emma kenniye said...

ya im glad sophie won she did a great job!

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