Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso the Third Castaway Voted Off "Survivor 23: South Pacific"

On tonight's "Survivor: South Pacific" 48 year old retired NYPD detective Mark Caruso aka Papa Bear became the third castaway voted out and was sent to Redemption Island. The episode began with Semhar and Christine facing off in the first Redemption Island duel of the season. The challenge consisted of balancing a wooden figurine on top of a pole, which got progressively longer as the challenge went on. Christine was able to outlast Semhar, keeping her in the game and sending Semhar home for good. Back at Upolu's camp, Brandon decided to tell his fellow tribemates that he was Russell Hantz's nephew. He then got into another argument with Mikayla, which accomplished nothing except for creating tension around camp. Over on Savaii, Ozzy decided to tell Keith that he found the hidden immunity idol. Unbeknownst to Ozzy, Keith then ran over to Whitney and told her the news. The next day, the tribes met up for the combined Reward/ Immunity challenge, which consisted of one castaway running across a floating bridge, grabbing a bag containing a banner and then being pulled back to shore on a bodyboard by four other castaways. Finally, the two remaining players retrieved the five bags using a grappling hook and assembled the banners inside to look like their tribe's flag. The teams were neck and neck until the grappling portion, when Coach's great performance clinched the win for Upolu. Besides immunity, they were also awarded with chocolate, coffee, cookies and tea. Back at camp, Papa Bear knew he was on the chopping block so he went looking for the hidden immunity idol. Since he couldn't find it, he decided to create a fake idol to trick his tribe into thinking he had found it. At tribal council, the other castaways decided to call his bluff and voted him out anyway. Next week, he'll duel Christine for the right to stay in the game.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elisabetta Canalis the Second Celebrity Voted Off "Dancing with the Stars 13"

On tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" results show, Italian TV host and George Clooney's ex Elisabetta Canalis became the second celebrity voted off the show. Yesterday, the eleven remaining contestants performed either the quickstep or the jive. Ricki Lake claimed the top spot on the judge's leaderboard with a 23 out of 30, while Chaz Bono finished at the bottom with only 17 points. Tonight, when the viewer votes were added, it was fourth place finisher Elisabetta and her partner Val who got the boot. Next week, the ten remaining celebs will have to tell a personal story through their dance & another star will go home!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Grandparents" Bill & Cathi Avoid Elimination on Season Premiere of "The Amazing Race 19"

On tonight's season premiere of "The Amazing Race 19" grandparents Bill and Cathi Alden avoided elimination despite arriving last on this leg's Pit Stop. The season began at the Hsi Lai temple in California with Phil informing the eleven new teams that the couple who arrived first on this leg would be awarded the Express Pass, which would allow them to skip any one task of their choice up to leg eight. He then told them that their first task was to search through hundreds of umbrellas for one that had the correct set of letters printed on it, which when combined twice with six other letters would reveal the name of their first destination: Taipei, Taiwan. Once they found the correct umbrella, Phil gave them the keys to a Ford Explorer. The last team to find an umbrella would be penalized with a Hazard, which was an additional task that must be completed in this leg of the race. Snowboarders Andy and Tommy were the first team to find an umbrella and made their way to the airport. Cocktail waitresses Kaylani and Lisa were last to grab an umbrella and got stuck with the Hazard. Their race went from bad to worse, when Kaylani dropped her passport on the ground at a gas station. They went back to look for it, but couldn't find it and went back to the airport. Their luck finally changed, however, when two strangers found the passport, tweeted their discovery online and decided to drive to the airport and deliver it. When the teams landed in Taipei, they were instructed to make their way to Ximending commercial district and look up for their next clue. They had to figure out that their next location was written in Chinese on a large electronic billboard. Bill and Cathi couldn't find the commercial district and fell way behind the other teams. Once the teams translated the clue, they made their way to the Taipei Confucius Temple, where a Roadblock awaited. One team member had to find a payphone and listen to one of Confucius's proverbs. They would then have to repeat the proverb verbatim to a temple monk, without writing it down. Before they could attempt the Roadblock, Kaylani and Lisa had to travel to the Core Pacific City Mall, where one of them had to perform an indoor bungee jump to complete their Hazard. Back at the Roadblock, Liz had trouble remembering the proverb, which cost her and her twin sister Marie valuable time. When teams completed the Roadblock, they took a taxi to Dajia Riverside Park where their final task awaited them. One team member had to join the rowing crew of a dragon boat team, while the other member beat a drum to keep pace. Engaged couple Ernie and Cindy were the first team to complete all the tasks and arrived at the Pit Stop first, earning them the coveted Express Pass. Bill and Cathi couldn't make up the time they lost earlier in the leg and arrived at the Pit Stop last. However, they weren't eliminated since this was a non-elimination leg. Phil then told them that not only would they be given a Speed Bump task on the next leg, but that two teams would be sent home next week in the first ever Double Elimination.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Christine Voted Off "Survivor 23: South Pacific"

On tonight's "Survivor: South Pacific" 39 year old teacher Christine Shields Markoski became the second castaway voted out and was sent to Redemption Island. The episode began with Semhar arriving at Redemption Island and settling in. Over on Savaii, Ozzy decided to go searching for the hidden immunity idol and he ended up finding it in a tree. On the Upolu tribe, Brandon decided to tell Coach that he was Russell Hantz's nephew in the hopes of gaining Coach's trust. He also expressed his dislike of Mikayla, because he thought she flaunted her body and was playing the guys ala Parvati. The next day, the tribes met up for the combined Reward/Immunity Challenge which consisted of untangling ribbons from a large pole and then completing a puzzle by sliding around big, heavy boxes. Upolu got off to an early lead, but Savaii was able to catch up and ultimately overtake them during the puzzle portion. Besides immunity, they were also awarded with pillows, blankets and mats. Back at camp, Coach came up with a plan to split the votes between Christine and Stacey in case Christine had found the hidden immunity idol. At the last minute, though, Brandon made a push to get rid of Mikayla which Coach didn't want to do. At tribal council, Brandon admitted that he told Christine and Stacey to vote out Mikayla in the hopes his other tribemates would as well. In the end, however, the tribe stuck with the original plan and since Christine didn't have an immunity idol she was voted out. Next week, she'll duel Semhar for the right to stay in the game.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"The X Factor USA" Premieres Tonight on FOX

After months and months of buildup, Simon Cowell's US adaptation of his hit UK series "The X Factor" finally debuts tonight at 8pm on FOX. The competition is open to solo singers and groups of any age from 12 upwards. The auditions will take place in front of a live audience of thousands at arenas all over the country. Joining Simon on the judging panel are record executive L.A. Reid, singer Nicole Scherzinger and Simon's old partner Paula Abdul. Once the contestants are narrowed down, they will be placed into one of four categories: boys, girls, groups and over 30s. Each judge will mentor a different group and one act will be voted off each week. Here's an extended preview...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

L.A. Laker Ron Artest the First Celebrity Voted Off "Dancing with the Stars 13"

On tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" results show L.A. Laker Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace became the first celebrity voted off the show. Yesterday, the twelve new contestants performed either the cha cha or the Viennese waltz. Soap star J.R. Martinez and singer Chynna Phillips tied for first place on the judge's leaderboard with 22s out of 30. Ron/Metta landed at the bottom with only 14 points. Tonight, when the viewer votes were added, they agreed with the judges and gave Ron the boot. Next week the eleven remaining stars will perform either the quickstep or the jive and one more celeb will sent home!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Semhar First Voted Off "Survivor South Pacific"

On tonight's 90 minute season premiere of "Survivor 23: South Pacific" 24 year old spoken word artist Semhar Tadesse became the first castaway voted off the show and sent to Redemption Island. The season began with sixteen new castaways arriving in Samoa and being surprised by the addition of two veteran players - Coach and Ozzy. After the veterans were each put on a different tribe, they competed against each other to earn their tribe a reward of food and flint. The veteran duel consisted of climbing up a tall pole, digging in the sand to crawl under a bar and completing a pyramid shaped puzzle. Ozzy and Coach were neck and neck until the puzzle, when the help of Ozzy's team clinched the win for him. Ozzy's tribe then made their way to camp excited and happy, while Coach's tribe went away disheartened. At Ozzy's camp, Savaii, the tribe decided to celebrate their win by taking it easy and having a dip in the lake. Over on Coach's tribe, Upolu, Brandon Hantz (nephew of Russell Hantz) made sure to hide his tattoos that bared his last name. Later that night, Coach started an alliance with Brandon, Rick, Sophie and Albert to help him have the numbers on his side. The next day, the tribes met up for the first Immunity Challenge, which was an obstacle course that consisted of climbing a large wall, digging for a machete, chopping five ropes and throwing coconuts into a net. Upolu got off to early lead thanks to Rick's chopping ability and were able to maintain it because of Semhar's bad performance tossing coconuts. With Upolu winning immunity, Savaii was forced to go to the first tribal council. Even though Ozzy pushed for Cochran to be the first casualty, the rest of the tribe convinced him to vote out Semhar instead. Jeff snuffed her torch and sent her to Redemption Island where she'll wait to duel next week's evictee.

What did you think of the premiere? Who's your early favorite castaway? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rachel Wins "Big Brother 13", Porsche Gets 2nd

On tonight's live "Big Brother 13" season finale Rachel beat Porsche 4-3 and won the $500,000 grand prize. The finale began with a recap of the first two parts of the final HoH competition. Then, Rachel and Porsche faced off live in part three, which consisted of guessing how the jury members finished various statements. By a score of 2-0 Rachel beat Porsche and was crowned the final HoH. It didn't really matter though, because Rachel stayed true to her deal with Porsche and evicted Adam, making him the seventh and last jury member. After Adam's eviction, the seven former houseguests questioned Rachel and Porsche before casting their votes. When the votes were locked in, Julie brought out the houseguests who didn't make the jury to dish on what they saw this season. Finally, it was time to reveal the winner and by a vote of 4-3 Rachel edged out Porsche to be crowned winner of "Big Brother 13"! Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and Shelly voted for Rachel, while Daniele, Kalia and Adam voted for Porsche. In a post-show interview however, Adam revealed that he saw Shelly's vote for Rachel and decided to throw his vote to Porsche. In any case, Rachel takes home $500,000 while Porsche goes away with $50,000. Jeff also took home $25,000 for being voted America's Favorite Houseguest. And with that, another season of "Big Brother" came to a close.

But don't worry, CBS officially renewed the show for a fourteenth season today. That means we'll have another fun-filled summer next year and you'll find all the spoilers here!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Michael and Holly Win "Bachelor Pad 2"

Here's the confirmed "Bachelor Pad 2" boot list, which reveals week by week who gets the boot and which team ultimately wins. Reality Steve has additional info, such as who wins each challenge and who goes on which dates here!

Week 1: Alli Travis and Justin "Rated R" Rego voted off.

Week 2: Gia Allemand walks off the show. Jackie Gordon is voted off. Ames Brown, who fell for Jackie, leaves with her.

Week 3: Jake Pavelka voted off.

Week 4:
Melissa Schreiber and William Holman voted off.

Week 5:
Blake Julian and Erica Rose voted off.

Week 6: Kirk DeWindt and Ella Nolan voted off first. Then, Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi are voted off.

That leaves Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst & Michelle Money and Graham Bunn as the final two couples. The 14 eliminated contestants voted for the winning couple and by a vote of 10-4, Michael and Holly are crowned the winners. Only Kasey, Vienna, Melissa and William voted for Graham and Michelle. Michael and Holly then had to decide whether to keep or share the $250,000 and they chose to share it. Also on the finale, it's revealed that Blake and Holly are now engaged and that Ben F. will be the new "Bachelor"!

Are you happy with the results? Did your favorite make it far or are they gone early? Leave a comment & share your thoughts!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Porsche Wins Part 2 of the Final HoH Comp, Adam Probably Gone

Minutes ago, Adam and Porsche completed part two of the final HoH competition and Porsche emerged the winner. The challenge involved going underwater and placing events that happened in the house in the correct order. Both Porsche and Adam are now pretty banged up and sore. Porsche will now face off against Rachel in the third and final part of the HoH comp on finale night. Regardless of who wins, it seems like the girls plan on taking each other to the end and booting Adam. If that happens, Adam will probably end up being the swing vote as Brendon, Jeff and Jordan will vote for Rachel to win and Daniele, Kalia and probably Shelly will vote for Porsche to win. Right now, Adam says he plans on voting for Rachel, although his opinion may change based on who wins the third part of the HoH comp. If any new major deals are struck in the next three days, I'll post them here. If not, we'll find out who wins "Big Brother 13" Wednesday night after the premiere of "Survivor"!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Jordan Evicted, Rachel Wins Part 1 of the Final HoH Comp

On tonight's live "Big Brother 13" eviction show, Jordan became the eleventh houseguest booted from the game. The episode began with a recap of Adam nominating Porsche and Jordan for eviction and then Porsche winning the final veto competition. At the live veto ceremony, Porsche predictably used the veto on herself which forced Adam to replace her with Rachel. Porsche then cast the sole vote to evict and she booted Jordan. After Jordan's eviction, the final three houseguests began the last three-part HoH competition. Part 1 was endurance and consisted of spinning around on a giant mixer. Twenty minutes after the feeds clicked in, Adam fell from the mixer and was eliminated from the challenge. Twenty minutes after that, Porsche fell as well leaving Rachel as the last woman standing and advancing her straight to part three of the competition. On Saturday, Porsche and Adam will compete against each other in part two with the winner battling Rachel on finale night. Check back soon to find out who wins part two of the HoH competition!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Adam Nominates Porsche and Jordan, Porsche Wins Veto

The "Big Brother" live feeds just clicked in after more than 24 hours of being blocked and the big news is that Porsche won veto. Earlier today, new HoH Adam nominated Porsche and Jordan for eviction. His nominations didn't really matter, though, because veto is everything this week. Later in the day, the final four competed in the last veto competition of the season and Porsche emerged the winner. She now has a guaranteed spot in the final three, alongside Adam. She also is the sole vote this week and can evict either Rachel or Jordan. Right now she seems to be leaning towards getting rid of Jordan. We'll find out for sure when she casts her vote live on tomorrow's eviction show. Also tomorrow, the final three begin the three-part HoH competition, which starts with an endurance challenge. Check back here tomorrow night to see who got evicted and who won the endurance comp!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Live Show Spoilers: Kalia Evicted 2-1, Adam Wins Head of Household

Earlier today, the "Big Brother" houseguests filmed an eviction show that will be aired tomorrow at 8pm. However, several reports have surfaced from people who were in the audience detailing everything that happened in the hour. The show began with a recap of the OTEV veto competition that Adam won. At the veto ceremony, Adam unsurprisingly decided not to use it. Next up, they showed Shelly arriving at the jury house and having a heated exchange with Jeff. Reportedly, it was pretty intense. Then it was eviction time, where Kalia and Porsche awaited their fate. In her last ditch speech, Kalia reportedly told Adam to "start playing like an All-Star, not a fan". The words fell on deaf ears though, as Adam voted to evict her. Jordan, however, stayed true to her promise to Kalia and voted to evict Porsche. HoH Rachel was then forced to break the tie and she booted Kalia. After Kalia's interview with Julie, she watched her goodbye messages in which Rachel reportedly called her a fat cow. Not sure if that's true or not, we'll have to see on the show tomorrow. The show ended with the HoH competition, which was true/false questions about last night's fortune teller statements. Adam won the challenge by answering all six questions correctly, followed closely behind by Jordan who got five right. Porsche was a distant third with only two or three correct. Adam's nominations don't really matter, because veto is everything this week. The veto competition takes place tomorrow and Porsche needs to win it or she'll be following Kalia out the door. Whenever the PoV spoiler is revealed, I'll post it right here! Check back soon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Adam Wins Veto

Earlier today, the "Big Brother" houseguests competed in the penultimate PoV competition and Adam emerged the winner. The challenge was the classic OTEV game, which consisted of racing around the backyard searching for the names of former houseguests that correctly answered OTEV's questions. Since Adam won the challenge, he now has the power to veto one of Rachel's nominations. However, as of now, Adam plans to keep the nominations the same and stick with Rachel and Jordan. Porsche and Kalia are trying their hardest to convince him to remove one of them from the block, which would force Rachel to put up Jordan. Adam seems to have made up his mind, though and either Kalia or Porsche will be the next to go. We'll find out for sure whether or not Adam uses the veto during Monday's veto ceremony!

Friday, September 2, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Rachel Nominates Porsche and Kalia, Pandora's Box Returns

Earlier today in the "Big Brother" house, HoH Rachel unsurprisingly nominated Porsche and Kalia for eviction. Also today, Rachel was given a Pandora's Box, which she opened. When she did, she unleashed something bad for her and something good for the house. Like Britney from last year, Rachel was awarded a visit with former houseguest and Mr. PecTactular Jessie Godderz. The other houseguests, however, were given a three minute shopping spree to grab all the free clothes they could put on their body. Hosting the shopping spree was none other than Adam's dreamgirl Tori Spelling. Obviously, the houseguests were really happy that Rachel opened Pandora's Box, especially Adam. Tomorrow is the all-important Veto comp, which both Porsche and Kalia need to win to guarantee their safety. Check back then to find out what happens!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Big Brother 13" Spoilers: Shelly Evicted 2-1, Rachel Crowned New Head of Household

On tonight's live "Big Brother" eviction show, Shelly was evicted and became the fourth member of the jury. She was evicted in a 2-1 vote, with Jordan and Rachel voting her out and Kalia voting out Adam. After Shelly's eviction, the houseguests competed in the HoH competition which consisted of crawling through sticky ooze to collect as many doughnuts as possible in 13 minutes. When the feeds clicked in, it was revealed that Rachel had won the competition and was the new HoH. Most likely she will nominate Kalia and Porsche for eviction tomorrow, however the PoV or Pandora's Box could mix things up. Check back here for all the spoilers!