Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Emily Maynard is the New "Bachelorette"

ABC has confirmed what Reality Steve had already leaked: that 25 year old single mom and former fiance of Brad Womack, Emily Maynard will be "The Bachelorette". Rumor had it that Emily always wanted to be the "Bachelorette", but producers told her she had to appear on "The Bachelor" first. Brad ended up picking her last season and the two were briefly engaged before their relationship fell apart. Now Emily will have her pick of 25 men all competing for her heart. The new season begins filming in March in Emily's hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina and will air in late May.

What do you think of Emily being the new "Bachelorette"? Good choice or bad? Leave a comment & share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

It's kinda funny she would go on this show after she dumped Brad after watching him make out with all the other girls before he picked her. Can't wait to see her do the same thing and wonder back to Brad and see how hard it is once you fall for 3 or 4 guys. She was a total fake back then and kept using her child for excuses the whole time.
Hope she gets what she deserves, but to bad its going to hurt some guy in the process.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more wrong about Emily, it is called having morals. You have no idea what the reason was that the relationship ended. Only the two involved really know what happened. Who are you to say that she will hurt guys. I think she is the most genuine bachelor/bachelorette there has been on this show. I actually can not wait to see her season and I hope she finds love if anyone deserves it, it's her.

Anonymous said...

i am glad that Emily is the Bachelorette. I can't wait to watch. I hope she can find someone to love her and her daughter and they love him too.
Just want you all to be happy!!
I love that you put your little girl first. Most mamas don't know how to do that. Good luck and I wish you happiness..

Anonymous said...

Morals, you talk about morals, How can you go on this show and really have morals. When there is 25 guys looking to hook up with you, there are not to many people with morals present. Especially since your daughters grandfather is one of the richest men in America (Rick Hendrick).There morals are looking right at her pocket book. Also, it is fact she dumped Brad because he was showing so much affection to those last 3 or 4 girls, and she couldn't handle that while she watched the season unfold. My advice to anyone who wins that show is to never watch the season, because you don't need to watch what he does with the other women because you are the one who made it to the end so who cares.
So just enjoy the entertaining value the show gives you and watch her do the same thing all the other Bachelorettes and Bachelors have done.

Anonymous said...

she is a good person but she knew he was doing other women but she loved him and beging in the spot light is what she didnt like so why come back u think 2nd time we r going to leave u a lone i dont think so how ever it goes she will have some thing else to bitch about so they never stay with who they r with trisha and ryan r the only ones because they didnt let other get in the way they let love come 1st if u ask me i think we new people get away from others on the show i think some is riged to up ratings

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