Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Survivor 24: One World" Cast Revealed

CBS has officially revealed the identities of the 18 castaways competing on "Survivor 24: One World". As I reported back in October, this season's cast will be split into two tribes of men vs. women who will all live together on the same beach. There will be no Redemption Island and no returning castaways. There will also be no clues to the hidden immunity idols and if one tribe finds the other tribe's idol, they have to give it to someone from the opposing tribe. The new season debuts Wednesday February 15th at 8pm. Here's a look at all eighteen castaways...

Nina Acosta Retired Los Angeles Policewoman Clovis, CA 51

Jay Byars Model Gaffney, SC 25

Christina Cha Career Consultant West Hollywood, CA 29

Monica Culpepper Retired NFL Player's Wife Tampa, FL 41

Colton Cumbie College Student Monroeville, AL 21

Kat Edorsson Timeshare Rep Orlando, FL 22

Michael Jefferson Banker Seattle, WA 30

Leif Manson Phlebotomist San Diego, CA 27

Chelsea Meissner Medical Sales Charleston, SC 26

Kourtney Moon Motorcycle Repair Austin, Texas 29

Jonas Otsuji Sushi Chef Lehi, Utah 37

Bill Posley Stand-Up Comedian Venice, CA 28

Matt Quinlan Attorney San Francisco, CA 33

Alicia Rosa Special Ed Teacher Chicago, IL 25

Troy Robertson Swimsuit Photographer Miami, FL 50

Greg Smith Plastic Surgeon Houston, Texas 64

Kim Spradlin Bridal Shop Owner San Antonio, Texas 29

Sabrina Thompson High School Teacher New York, NY 33