Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cheryl Tiegs Fired on "Celebrity Apprentice 5"

On tonight's season premiere of "Celebrity Apprentice 5" former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs became the first star fired by Donald Trump. The season started with the eighteen new celebs meeting Donald and being divided into men vs. women. The teams were then told to come up with a team name and pick a project manager. The guys named themselves Unanimous and picked Paul Teutal Sr. as the first project manager. The women chose the name Forte and agreed on Patricia Velasquez as their PM. In the boardroom, Donald explained that their first task was to make and sell sandwiches at a deli. The team that earned the most money, including donations would be the winner. On the women's side, everyone worked pretty well together except for Victoria Gotti who arrived an hour late on the second day of the task. On the men's team, most of the guys held off on calling their rich friends because Paul was certain he could raise enough money on his own to beat the women. During the task, Trump called the teams and told them to take their best sandwich to the Rachel Ray Show, where Rachel would pick her favorite and award the winning team an extra $35,000. In the boardroom, Trump announced that Rachel liked the men's sandwich the most and they were awarded the bonus money. They ended up not needing it, though as the men crushed the women due to one huge donation of $305,000 from Paul's friend. On the women's team, Patricia picked Victoria & Cheryl as the weakest players. Trump ended up firing Cheryl due to her not being comfortable with the competitive nature of the show.

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