Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kourtney Moon Eliminated Due to Injury on the Season Premiere of "Survivor 24: One World"

On tonight's season premiere of "Survivor 24: One World" 29 year old motorcycle repairer Kourtney Moon was forced to leave the show due to a wrist injury. The episode began with the eighteen new castaways arriving in Samoa and learning that they would be split into two tribes of men vs. women. Jeff then gave them sixty seconds to unload anything they could from the truck they drove in on. When the women weren't looking, Michael stole several of the items from their pile. Finally, Jeff gave each tribe a map to their camps and sent them off in different directions. During the trek to their camp, Alicia started a five person alliance with Chelsea, Kat, Kim, Sabrina and herself. When the tribes arrived at camp, they were surprised to learn that both the men and the women's tribes were living together on the same beach. Later, Chelsea caught two wild chickens, but decided not to give one to the men's tribe even though they earlier said they would. On the men's tribe, Matt started an alliance with Bill, Jay, and Michael. After Jay got a fire started, the women tried to make a deal with the men for fire, but their efforts failed. Late that night, Monica and Christina crept into the men's camp and stole an ember from their fire, but the fire died out by morning. The next day, Sabrina found a hidden immunity idol, but was disappointed to discover that it was the men's idol and she had to give it to one of the them before the next tribal council. Colton had previously asked the women for help with a hidden idol, so Sabrina decided to give it to him. The castaways then took part in the combined Reward/Immunity challenge, which consisted of jumping from a 25 foot tower onto a large net, crossing a balance beam and then traversing a rope bridge. During the jump onto the net, Kourtney hurt her wrist causing Jeff to stop the challenge and call in the medical team. The doctors thought her wrist might be broken, so they pulled her from the challenge to get an X-ray. Jeff then said that since the women didn't have all their members, the men were the winners by default. However, he gave them the option of continuing the game 9 against 8 as a gesture of goodwill. The men declined the offer and took immunity, much to the dismay of the women. Besides immunity, the men were also awarded flint. At tribal council, Alicia and Christina got into a big argument about the deal the women made with the men for fire. It didn't really matter, though because Jeff informed the women that Kourtney did indeed have a broken wrist that required surgery and she was out of the game for good. There was no vote but they got flint.