Sunday, February 26, 2012

Victoria Gotti Fired on "Celebrity Apprentice"

On tonight's "Celebrity Apprentice 5" Victoria Gotti became the second star fired by Donald Trump. The episode began with the teams learning that their new task was to create an original show for Medieval Times that would be performed in front of a live audience. Penn Jillette was picked as project manager for the men, while Lisa Lampanelli stepped up on the women's side. The men put on a show that highlighted each person on their team including having Clay Aiken sing, George Takei narrate and Dee Snider dress in drag. The women decided to do a spoof of the Real Housewives shows where all the women were competing for the heart of Donald Trump, played by Lisa Lampanelli. During the task, Dee broke his finger when he was knocked off a horse, but decided to forgo a hospital visit and soldiered on. On the women's team, Lisa gave the job of stage director to Victoria, which insulted her because she was the only woman not in the show. After the teams performed their shows, the audience voted on who should be the winner. In the boardroom, Trump revealed that the men once again beat the women 558 votes to 363 votes. On the women's team, project manager Lisa decided to bring Dayana and Victoria with her to the final boardroom. In the end, Trump fired Victoria because she thought about quitting her team after her conflict with Lisa and as we all know, Donald Trump hates quitters.