Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Best Friends" Bopper and Mark Avoid Elimination on "The Amazing Race 20"

On tonight's "Amazing Race 20" best friends William "Bopper" Minton and Mark Jackson avoided elimination despite arriving last on this leg's Pit Stop. The episode began with the eight remaining teams flying from AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay to Turin, Italy. Mark and Bopper made the mistake of going straight to the airport to get tickets instead of stopping at a travel agent first. That forced the guys to book a flight that arrived an hour and fifteen minutes later than the other seven teams. They tried to get onto the first flight when they arrived back at the airport, but the plane was full. When the teams landed, they drove to the Lingotto Fiere where a Roadblock and a Fast Forward awaited them. Art and J.J. were the first team to arrive and decided to attempt the Fast Forward, which required one of them to land a remote controlled helicopter onto a helipad on their teammate's head. The other teams faced the Roadblock, which forced one team member to rappel down the ramps of the Lingotto building and grab a clue in under two minutes. If they ran out of time, they would have to start all over. When the task was completed, teams were instructed to drive to the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile and search for the Tin Lizzie. Once they found the car, they were given a 2 cent Euro coin and had to figure out their next destination was the building depicted on the coin: the Mole Antonelliana. Rachel and Brendan couldn't figure out what the coin meant, resulting in one of Rachel's infamous meltdowns. Since Art and J.J. successfully completed the Fast Forward, they were able to go straight to the Pit Stop. Unsurprisingly, they checked in first and were awarded $5,000 each. When the teams reached the Mole Antonelliana, they were faced with their final challenge: the Detour. The choice of tasks was between properly cleaning a marble statue or tasting 14 different kinds of salami, traveling to a nearby piazza and then identifying all 14 kinds. Most of the teams chose the statue task, which proved to be much easier than the salami. Bopper and Mark could never overcome their one hour deficit and arrived at the Pit Stop last. To brighten their spirits, Art and J.J gave them the money they had won from coming in first. Phil then gave them even more good news by telling them that it was a non elimination leg and they were still in the race. Can the Kentucky boys make a comeback? Tune in next week to find out!

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